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Old 01-24-19, 02:34 AM
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construel level, distell distances and achievement level hierarchy

so recently on my NCBI tour of cognition, I was looking for answer that I didn't know that I was looking for, however I found it. and it's a whopper.

Distell distances, the psychological distances between objects (these, those). in therapy lately we have been talking about space/time and the flow through it. so I reflected on the distances between objects. an arrow on say, a street sign might point up to indicate north, but north is along the horizontal plane (mental representation of the axis of the earth).

anyway, take any two objects, people, buildings or whatever and discriminate distance(just distance). I think in the past I thought of all discrimination as horrible, so I never learned the cognitive stance of discrimination via construel. for myself, I would plot points of multiple points (distell distances IS ego centric where the center point on the plane IS the ego, the vertical axis). so I plotted points in my head of imaginary points on the outside world(all these points, all those points)

my literal perception began to change of reality itself, however different thoughts started to come to mind and I didn't know why, so, thats why I looked this stuff up on NCBI.

as you litterly step back from an observed object or whatever, the discrimination of (I am moving backwards and the distance between myself and the object/s is increasing and visa versa, moving forward towards the object and the distance between myself and the object is decreasing), heh, that's when the fun begins. the distell distance is the psychological distance between the ego and the object in the real world via space/time.

construel level happens with the abstraction of thoughts based off of the distances between objects. to quote ncbi "an event is more psychologically distant as it takes place farther into the future", an EASY summery of a psychological watershed moment. the abstraction comes into play when you pull back (in a chair or whatever) and distinctly discriminate the distance (the distance from me and that object Is increasing, the locomotion IS there)

"Therefore, the greater the temporal, spatial, hypothetical, or social distance from an event, the more distant it appears and the more abstractly we would expect it to be represented", the abstraction comes from the discrimination of the psychological distance level

" A second study looked at the structure underlying participantsí preference judgments for events to happen in the near and distant future."

by litterally pulling back and discriminating distance you can start to see the big picture for future events. the reason that is important is events in the future are more super-ordinate (purpose driven) than event's tomorrow, the irony is, with more super-ordinate direction (the why the distance event is important) the economic value of purpose of engaging in behaviors ...tomorrow becomes illuminated. subordinate actions are identification (description emphasizing the means by which the action is performed).

thus, without a "why" the subordinate action/behavior (the means) has no value. the WHY is in the future event, the behavior is the means of locomotion (drive)to that event (or those events). however, we can extrapolate more from the data sets. one super-ordinate set came with a sunk cost(a subornate action associated to the super-ordinate which in tern leads to another superordinate value. what this means is that core VALUES OF CHARACTER we might have buried in internal conflicts that are hidden to us via the subconscious are illuminated.

for me it was acheivment vs getting what I wanted in the moment. to get wealth and become more economically fit(economy in the literature, was point A to point B to point C representation of the imagined data points of the distell objects driving along the rode, or my immense drive (in the literature it was explained the the light between point A(ego) B and C were differentiated and and basically the I was exchanging light between point A B and C in an economic model which blew my mind).

so, I think by our very nature of being humans, we got it wrong with resolution and direct statements of behavior. we have to view an opportunity IN the future based on our own desires and principles and our somewhat indirect knowledge of what we can do to actively engage in behaviors in the here and now with consistency.

and I don't really know if this makes much sense to the general public, I remember reading this article before (and I think doing so primed me) and it made no sense whatsover, now, after doing the actions listed in the article (the distell distance stuff) it makes a lot of sense. heh, ships ahoey and all that jazz
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