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Adult Education This forum is to discuss issues related to ADD and higher education.

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Old 11-15-10, 03:37 PM
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Accounting Students/Professors?

Hey guys, I'm a senior accounting student set to graduate either this coming fall or next spring, hopefully. Are any of you in the field of accounting or something related to accounting? If so, I have a couple of questions.

1) How do you remember all the words/numbers in the lengthier multiple choice problems? I always have to read every question 8, 10, maybe even 12 times before I sort through the lingo and what numbers go with that. Interesting thing is, I scored a 32 on the ACT in reading comprehension. I don't know if my ADD has gotten worse since I was 18 or if it's just that the terminology is less common and more in-depth. I know what the words mean but I get hung up on the longer ones, and numbers, for some reason and forget everything before them.

2) What are some study methods for accounting? The only thing I've found that comes close to working is just sitting down and working out problems, but I can't find any professors willing to spend the amount of time needed to go over all the problems with me and tell me if my answers are right, tell me how to do the ones I can't figure out, etc.

3) Is there anything tangible that actually works? The 'Focus' Vitamin Waters, for example? I've never tried them but probably should- worst case scenario, it's more healthy than a soda and doesn't taste half bad either I suppose.

Thanks guys, first non-introduction post and I'd appreciate any help at all!
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Old 12-10-10, 05:17 PM
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Re: Accounting Students/Professors?

Hey I'm a finance major but I take accounting courses as options seeing as they are pretty useful. Here are some things I do:
1) I always bring a highlighter to exams and highlight important numbers and things to keep in mind in the question. Otherwise I spend the whole time lost in the words/numbers too. Also, setup problems like I was taught in highschool physics- name and label all the variables and important data at the top of the page.

2) I just work on problems, nothing else has ever worked. I think thats universal. I have found that if I ease off the meds a little bit I regain some of the instinct that goes into good test taking. I find dexedrine kills my intuition, which is what I used to rely on completely back when courses didn't require much studying.

3) Just eating before and drinking water during a test helps a lot. Just being rested and confident is what does it for me. I tell myself hundreds of students before me have passed this test, why should I freak out about it? Oh and most important is chewing gum, helps with my ticks and fidgeting a lot. The people sitting near me are most thankful for that one.

Hope that helps and good luck on your exams!
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Old 12-19-10, 08:43 PM
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Re: Accounting Students/Professors?

Hi, i'm also a senior accounting student. After years of having difficulty studying, I've realized studying in groups help me best. That way I feel like I have to focus more just to be at least a little competitive with my study buddies.

During exams while I read problems I always write numbers down in a empty space to basically shorten the problem and if needed, go back and re read.

And for problems, the only way is to go over them before tests and write them out.

these have helped me so far and unfortunately I was not diagnosed till the end of semester when it was too late to make any impacts on my grades but it had helped greatly.
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Old 12-30-10, 10:10 PM
anxiousguy26 anxiousguy26 is offline

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Re: Accounting Students/Professors?

Hi guys just wanted to chime in here to say YOU CAN DO IT! I graduated with my BA in Accounting, although it took me 6 years (what should take 4) I did it. I suffer from depression, social anxiety (phobia), and ADHD but I just studied twice or three times as hard as everyone else and although my GPA wasnt great at the end (2.9) I ended up with a job in accounting. Now passing the CPA exam is a different story...I am currently studying though. The bottom line is YOU CAN DO IT!
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Old 12-30-10, 11:03 PM
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Re: Accounting Students/Professors?

To all fellow ADD accounting students - hang in there! As "anxiousguy26" said, YOU CAN DO IT! I took me 8 years to graduate with a BS, couple of failed classes, due to my inattention and feeling too embarassed about having ADD to seek treatment.
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Old 01-03-11, 11:08 PM
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Re: Accounting Students/Professors?

Recent accounting Graduate here. I grauated in 4.5 years, but honestly can't remember anything about accounting. I always signed up for the easier teachers, would always do my homework and projects, and pray to god that the tests were so difficult that everyone failed or the teachers gave partial credit. I kind of liked numbers so I guess i lucked out in that department. I had a 2.8/9 GPA.
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