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Old 07-14-08, 12:58 AM
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Re: How do you organize your life?

I use a Palm PDA device which works pretty well.
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Old 07-16-08, 04:06 PM
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Re: How do you organize your life?

I feel sometimes like I clean my kitchen and an hour later, it’s upside down again! I got so frustrated that I did something very unlike me… I bought something from an infomercial… lol! It’s called a Foldtuk container ( I mean it does a lot of neat stuff, but what appealed to me the most is that it collapses really thin. It saved me a lot of room in my kitchen and has really made me feel more organized in general. I hope that is a helpful suggestion to add to your question here... it really does save me a lot of time since it goes from freezer to oven... it's freed up valuable time when I get home from work.
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Old 07-17-08, 06:20 AM
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Re: How do you organize your life?

"How do you organize your life?"
By peeling back the layers and careful assessment of the 'filler' to 'quality' ratio in our lives
to work out that pretty much everything and certainly anything which associates woth money is empty dirty filler


what is important?

is the -> only <- question we need ask -

and from which the very simple answer organizes our life along natural

-> fun <- lines

- there's only fun
communal sustainable one world fun is all that matters

life ain't fun at the moment
laid at the feet of this leech -> $
all thanks to those who would worship it

-> our <- animal instincts

when we're better than that
and can all have fun which contributes to each other's fun
not detracts
(as currently)

--- leaving ---

it's fun to have fun
- but we really are going to need to learn how.
By peeling back the layers and careful assessment of the 'filler' to 'quality' ratio in our lives -
- alongside incredulous peering

An example

1.Misleads and attracts people into purchase
2.Prevents close examination (kiddy toys are the perfect example -
- they're mostly awful, pathetic, expensive coloured plastic)
3.We pay to discard the packaging

-> leaving us with expensive crap which just keeps on costing us

- even when discarded

the cheap batteries in toy leak battery acid all over us and then landfill
the plastic - too inert to degrade - sits there as a testament to our wasteful ways -

its entire cycle from chemical reaction to eventual decay has only succeeded in increasing the profits of some company -
- nothing else -
- no worth whatsoever to any lil' person

kid or parent of kid (alike)

aren't we angry - ? -

how fooli$h are we -
humanoid sheep

The solution (then) to organization of our lives

Take a good long look at what we do -
and refute it all -
as complete garbage which won't degrade

immersed within $-driven madness

the sheep fear to upset the status quo

'whatever will we do ?'

~ live ~
is what we'll do -


???whatever??? it is we're doing now ?


too sure of the word or term

- sounds a bit like the merry sound of
lambs as they're taken to slaughter.

baaa baaa baaaloody f*** me -
wtf ?

{{{shortly whereafter}}}

ADHD understood - simple matter of defining purpose (morality) of mind.
Acquisition of quality (through learning proper) NOT money -centric.
Therefore we can not pay attention to pointless pursuits geared towards money/power acquisition.
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Old 07-17-08, 11:05 AM
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Re: How do you organize your life?

I can so relate to you guys on this thread. Honestly, my husband does everything from calling me to make sure I'm up to reminding me to stay on track, to handling lots himself.
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organizational strategies

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