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Desoxyn methamphetamine hydrochloride (also known as desoxyephedrine)

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Old 05-16-09, 12:58 AM
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Question snri (pristiq) with desoxyn . kinda long but please look if u can help at all,thanks

hey desoxyn people

i am on

15mg Dex - 3x a day
50mg pristiq
.25mg-1.5mg klonopin - bedtime and/or as needed

basically, i have adhd, depression, and low anxiety

pristiq is an sn(d)ri with the majority of the mechanism focusing on serotonin, the ratio of Serotonin:Norepinephrine reuptake inhibition is 1:9, like duloxetine/cymbalta. Its dopamine reuptake inhibition is very slight, but it exists.

zoloft is an ssri that is considered to have quite potent da action in high doses (300mg i belleive), and effexor (pristiqs primary chemical) is known for potent reuptake of norepinpehrine in high doses (400mg?) with slight dopamine reuptake. im not certaion but i think effexor's SE:NE ratio is lower than pristiq's considerably something like that means the dopamine reuptake is even less.

but since pristiq is a basically a much better balanced and more potent and i guess 'cleaner' SNRI, would that imply that its dopamine reuptake would be more than effexors?

in any case, my point is that pristiq effects all of the transmitters that desoxyn my question is:

Can someone take pristiq with desoxyn? Would pristiq offer neuroprotection from desoxyn's toxicity? What would the effect be? and most importantly


Pristiq and dex is a great combination, but after reading all of the desoxyn users comparison of the more subtle effect of desoxyn, i am thinking of possibly trying it in the future. i do like dex's help, but i am thinking of something a bit less stimulating while still offering wakefuleness (anti-lethargy/apathy) and concentration and focus. it seems that desoxyn provides dex's benefits without some of its undesirable side effects(such as the slight NE increase, sometime a little anxious, hence klonopin) and it lasts longer too right? instead of 3 dosings that might be something i woldnt mind down the road...anyway, im just curious about it now that ive learned about it.

i wasnt aware of its existence until really posting and discussing things in the dex forum, which has been so unbeleivably helpful for me that i honestly dont know what i would do without having found this site.

i really hate computers, internet, and like the whole concept of virtual interaction (tho i admit its kinda like a phone in a way, but stil...i just wanna hear or see someone when i talk), anyway i really am greatful for this forum and i appreciate the members sharing and honesty of their experiences because it is through that that i have been able to understand whats going on with me, learn through it, and finally getting close and closer to feeling "normal." if i didnt come to this site, i would have given up on meds that i really needed a long time ago, but the information saved me. anyway, thats off topic (obviously its 12:30am, and since i wake up at 8, the dex has long worn off and my adhd is back, reminding me to sleep...i kinda missed it, NOT! lol)

i am sensitive to stimulants. i cannot drink caffeine or energy drinks like guarana and whatever else those crazy drinks have. i have stayed far away from recreational substances like cocaine and meth for the very reasons that i stay away from legal caffeine and stimulants like this. i just am sensitive i guess.

now, i have tried all types of amphetamine brands (shire dex and adderall, barr dex and adderall, and in different variations of pill strengths, doses and release). i couldnt take adderrall of any kind because of the levo and racemic mixture: anxiogenic problems. dextroamphetamine saved me tho! exaggeration but really, its great. [note: i stayed away from methylphenidate because of so many bad things ive heard from posts and then science journals, it sounded like a possible health risk to me. ]

the only thing that i have stuck with is 5mg barr generic brand dextroamphetamine this far, and i intend on sticking with it if it continues to work this way for a while. i guess you can call this a combination of my interest in psychopharmacology (i HIGHLY recommend reading stephen stahl's essentials of pscyhopharmacology, i actually lent it to my psychiatrist to read as it is the newest edition and its really really informative. it has helped both me and my psych come to a combination that is as synergistic that i could hope for) combined with a pre-emptive attempt at looking at possibilities because:

tho the dex is great, i have a slight issue with it. its nothing to complain about but its something thats on my mind since i finally feel SO CLOSE to getting to feeling how ive idealized that i could. i was always resistant to meds, but reading and sites like this have changed me. anyway (sorry i realized i went offtopic again) as smooth as dex is (in comparison to adderall), i still sometimes get undesirable side effects, and klonopin helps this, but it also somewhat dulls the effectiveness.

as i said 15mg is my dose. now (under my dr's permission) i tried 20mg a few times. i think this is really my therapuetic dosing window, but at this level i feel "high". i dont like that in the same way that i do not like the PNS and anxiety side effects of adderall. at 15mg dex is hardly noticable, i just do what i have to, however, i sometimes get TOO engaged where interuption can make me irritable and i sometimes get easily annoyed with whoever did it, you know, its not cool.

also the opposite tends to happen more frequently. i feel forced into doing something that i begin or think of(that i really dont have to, such as my hobbies or a random errand or chore that has been put off because it isnt important whatsoever), i feel like i GOTTA do something.

The fluctation between these modes is not an every dose thing, but i dont like when it does happen. meanwhile, 20 mg is more effective, but i dont want to get attached to it. i dont want the euphoria or whatever else to make me an addict. i hear many get addicted to dex, and i barely take my klonopin as is for fear of addiction/dependence so to end this whole dibackle:

i want to see if desoxyn can actually do for me what it did to the others here that have switched from other amphetanine meds (for either similar or other reasons). objective is to find something that stimulates my brain without bodily desire for action. i want to be focused, interested, and engaged in my work, but i do not want to be franticaly involved. simply, i want the wakefulness, clarity, focus, and energy/motivation WITHOUT feeling like have to always move to get something done. in a phrase: relaxed focus.

So please post responses, thoughts, suggestions, ideas, any feedback on my interpretation of med responses and if this combinatino of an SNRI with desoxyn is done/safe/heard of/beneficial...

THank you for reading, and i once again, i appreciate the honesty and openness shared herein. GOODNIGHT, off to sleep...
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