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Desoxyn methamphetamine hydrochloride (also known as desoxyephedrine)

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Old 05-10-17, 10:12 PM
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How I got it, and information I believe will make it easier to obtain.

Well, after going through hell with psychotropic drugs, and having multiple very bad experiences, I finally said "NO" to any more ‘experimenting’ with those drugs. I took on a whole different panel of doctors in a different state and finally found the help I needed. But that was only half the battle; a small victory, and a taste of the relief I can have if I’m successful in working through the ‘system’. For several months so far, I have been working hard to smooth out bumps and incompatibilities between different systems used by different agencies, and regulations among the factions of government, on down through the state and the pharmacies. I am only partially successful thus far in having a reliable supply of methamphetamine HCL. Mostly it is off and on and have had to deal with the bump and grind of false promises and other let-downs.

Here’s the story:
I have graduated college, and have led a successful professional life up until a house fire took away my family some two years ago. I became a basket case, and have been stumbling back onto my feet ever since. Details are unimportant, but there had been combat involved, and I ended up with multiple symptoms: PTSD, general anxiety, that was essentially debilitating when combined with my depression from grief and loss.

My new doctors made note of how these things interrelate and decided to treat my ADHD instead of my depression and anxiety as the former doctor had done. No more psychotropic drugs! They want me of clear mind so I can better work through the underlying issues affecting me. They have empowered me with coaching and education on pertinent subjects, and supplied a huge mental toolbox full of coping strategies that have proven to be extremely useful! I was bashful about therapy at first, but set my ego aside and now I am proud about my decision to find help. I would recommend it for anyone with issues—it’s like having a think-tank on your side.

I had been diagnosed with ADHD as a kid and never took any stimulants for it prior to about a year ago. I am past middle age now, and always knew I was different, but did not know I had ever been diagnosed before. My mom finally told me about it after I was questioned by my psychotherapist, and I questioned my mom about it.

My ordeal seemed to spur on faucets of my ADHD that had not manifested prior to my tragic ordeal; and as such, it seems to be the key to unwinding my other issues. My jaw just about had to be picked up from off of the floor when my psychiatrist suggested I try meth out. Methylphenadate and Adderal were proving to not be effective, and I needed something with more punch.

I had been toying with the idea of asking my doc for Desoxyn on one of my visits, and finally got the nerve to quarry her jokingly about it during one of our prior sessions, and I guess she gave it some thought and brought it up on our next session. Simply put, I am a totally brand new person again, and can function way better! Yes, it is the holy least for me, and actually makes it easier to look in to my other problems that have been so stubborn to deal with. There’s a big problem with it though: There's no trouble getting the scrip, just trouble getting the drug. One would believe that a patient with a prescription from a doctor should have no trouble getting it filled. Wrong. Pharmacies can order it, but they have to have the scrip in hand, unlike other drugs in the same classification even, the scrips are good for thirty days and sometimes it takes nearly that long for them to get it on hand! On top of that, prescriptions must be originals, and written on special forms with security protocols…You have to go get them and personally deliver your scrip to the pharmacy it is written for. I have yet to obtain a full prescription!

They used to only be valid for 3 days, but recently the law changed to make it valid for 30 days. At least that was what I was told after raising a stink about it with the pharmacist for giving me a choice between a partial one time fill with no chance to finish fulfilling my prescription after they restock. The pharmacist added that it would only be good for three days anyway…

I immediately called my doctor and explained what occurred and got a call from that pharmacist the next day with a ‘clarification’ that scrips remain valid for 30 days and that they can finish filling mine with what they still owed me right away…I smell a fish there.

It is not thus far covered by Medicaid, and has proven to be almost six hundred bucks for a bottle of 100 tabs! It is so rarely prescribed that they want your commitment to purchase prior to ordering it for you, but that seems like a policy to me, and may be different from pharmacy to pharmacy. There are rebate coupons for it that will bring the cost down to around $178 per 100 tabs, but my scrip is for 6 per day since they only come in tiny 5mg tabs! 180 per month is hard to find, let alone afford! Also, the rebate coupons are only supposed to be used one time! That same pharmacist, who is now friendly and on a first name basis, said she got coached by corporate for utilizing the discount coupon for me multiple times…she said she would do it one more time for me since she didn’t know about that rule and felt I should have been informed. However, I will need to check into that also, since it was the same person who had given me false information before; and she could have any, of a list of possible ulterior motives, to still foil my access to my prescribed drug.

This illustrates the trouble associated with obtaining Desoxyn or its generic equivalents. The following is some information I have regarding this drug that will prove useful should anyone choose to help pave the way to smoother access through our system. Most ‘systems’ can be difficult and a bit slow and chunky in the beginning, but once a pathway has been established, they tend to function a whole lot better with repetition! The more people with scrips, the fewer problems we all will have with getting this useful medication. We all know it has a bad name, and I suspect that is why it is difficult to obtain. Keep biased people honest and don’t just take no for an answer—check their sources! Get to know the laws and particulars within your state too.
It is made generically by Mylan Pharmaceuticals until October 31 of 2018. It is also made by Main Pharma Inc. Both are generic forms....the exact same thing as Desoxyn, made by Recordati Rare Diseases Inc., and they all are only in 5mg tabs immediate release, and both generic manufacturers provide a discount coupon that the pharmacy can use to drive the cost down.
My doctor wrote a ‘prior authorization’ to see if it can be covered under Medicaid, and it got denied.
I applied for an appeal to see if I could get the CCO's to cover the cost, or at least some of it, and combined that with said P.A. from my clinician, stating that other trials were attempted with other drugs, and were found to be ineffective. I have received a call from someone in the board of appeals asking if I had any further statements I wanted to make, so they are considering covering it, but I am hesitant to get my hopes up too much. I found remedies for all their reasoning they fell back on for why it got denied the first time, and backed my statements by citing the same rules they used for the denial. Other subsections of the statutes revealed useful things such as: they have to allow access to other drugs that are not on their formulary when a clinician provides a PA and sufficient evidence that other drugs included on the list are ineffective. I found both the generic version and the name brand of the drug is indeed on their formulary, just by viewing their published list and using highlighter option on the browser—it is not reader friendly and listed under manufacturers instead of any other more user friendly way of organizing it… Another law is that this list they use must be made easily obtainable by the public and it did take me a bit of searching to find it…it will be under the state laws and other laws that govern the Medicaid program within the state you’re living in, and shows what’s covered by Medicaid.
I even contacted the manufacturers to see if they were willing to offer discounts to the CCO’s for the drug by entering into the Medicaid drug rebate program. If they will, that would put a smile on the faces of the CCO'S who pay for the stuff through our mighty tax dollars. These same producers offer rebates for other drugs they manufacture, so why not this one? The CCO’s have quarterly meetings and can add or carve out certain drugs that they will cover; the list is then updated.

Pharmacies use distributors to buy their stocks from, not the manufacturers themselves. The two main distributors I found are Cardinal and McKesson. There are likely more, but these distributors are the key to getting your drug available, and if they refuse to carry it, your pharmacy can’t get it! It is up to the manufacturers to petition for their drugs to be covered by Medicaid (taking less profit I would imagine), or have it removed from being covered. Hopefully this helps to answer some questions and perhaps rally some of you folks out there to pursue getting methamphetamine and work the kinks out of the system and lubricate the skids so to speak! I would like to believe that more people will do this to make access easier for those who need it, and for those who should have the opportunity to try it out to see if it works better than the medication they use currently.

I hope I have been of some help to you.
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