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Old 02-03-10, 02:58 PM
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adhd misdiagnosed as mania??!

let me give some background on this first....i have had undiagnosed add/adhd for over 10 years now. i completely ignored it because i wanted to go into the marine corps and i couldn't get in if i had taken any type of drug. well, my grades definitely showed there was something up, but my parents looked the other way, thankfully. i ended up getting a couble associates degree (took me 3 years instead of 2) and went into the marine corps. from there, everything hit the fan. i continued to ignore the add/adhd because i was afraid of being judged. being a female in the usmc is hard enough without judgment. so, like i said, i knew what was wrong with me, well, when i finished up my active duty time, i went to the dr to get something for it because i wanted to get my bachelor's degree and could not for the life of me focus or concentrate on anything. dr after dr kept diagnosing me with anxiety--which i knew i had but it didn't pose as a problem. i was put on anti-anxiety/antidepressant one after the other. nothing worked so i stopped them all. i tried and tried to tell them i knew what was wrong. no one listened. recently, i went to a psychiatrist-thanks to my NEW dr and now this nutcase is saying i have mania??!!! i mean, i'm a girl, and i know i get into 'moods'...but that does NOT make me a flippin manic!!! he gave me a chart to keep track of my moods (my hubby has to track them as well---usually HE'S the object of my moods...he just makes me mad...and he KNOWS now i'm screwed...) he also put me on strattera to help my focus issues....which is what i wanted, but i wanted adderall. that stuff is outstanding. strattera tears up my stomach and gives me migraines-and i've only been on it for 2 days.....its not doing to me what i need to have done (make sense?). how can i convince this nutcase that my moods are no where NEAR severe enuf to be labled 'bipolar mania' and put me on adderall instead of strattera? i'm not taking this strattera anymore cuz i can't stomach it. when i was put on cymbalta, it did the exact same thing, so i stopped that one too. when will stupid dr's realize that people KNOW their bodies, KNOW what's right and not right for them?? NONE of them will LISTEN to me?! they keep looking for something that isnt there!!! what do i do??!
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Addr68 (03-28-10)
Old 02-03-10, 03:19 PM
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Re: adhd misdiagnosed as mania??!

I have gone through similar issues in trying to get help for my ADHD. I wish that there was an easy answer.

About the best I can suggest is to try another doc. I totally hear you when you say that the doc is simply not listening to you. What I do in that case is let the doc know that I will be seeking a second opinion before submitting to additional medications.

Try looking for someone who actually specializes in ADHD. They tend to be better at spotting it as well as being better at spotting a look alike disorder if one exists.

You are within your legal and ethical rights to request a consult with another MD.

Something odd to keep in mind. If you have ADHD, your menstrual cycle has an iron grip on your mood. Schedule your appointments for mid cycle. That should defeat PMS from coloring a diagnosis.

It seems as if "Bipolar" is the new "flavor of the month". Smile sweetly and find another doc.
One day we will come to know the truth. This has been a test. Only a test.
If it were your real life, you would have gotten better instructions.

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Addr68 (03-28-10)
Old 02-03-10, 04:03 PM
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Re: adhd misdiagnosed as mania??!

Check out Dr. Charles Parker at, particularly his writings on bipolar/adhd mis-diagnosis (the bipolar cobra post is classic), and consider the neurotransmitter testing he is now incorporating into his practice. I have been around this since before you were born am about to give this a shot with phone consultation. also connect with Gina Pera re relationship stuff. "Is it You, Me or Adult ADD"
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Old 03-26-10, 08:45 PM
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Re: adhd misdiagnosed as mania??!

My kid was diagnosed by a doctor previously as having bipolar disorder and I am not convinced that he does. He was in a shelter at the time and had lots of other things going on. I just read a checklist today for bipolar disorder and I really don't see it. I think that if you are moody, they figure you have bpd. Now another psychiatrist says he might have BPD...and/or ADHD...and/or PTSD...Now, I might understand PTSD, having grown up in a house subject to all sorts of physical and emotional abuse (not mine of course) but bpd? They gave him Abilify and it made him fall asleep in class every day and he has told me point blank that there is no way he will take that again, no matter what. Now I am trying to get him diagnosed by another psychiatrist because he is away at college and I am having a devil of a time. Grrrrr.
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Old 03-28-10, 06:39 AM
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Re: adhd misdiagnosed as mania??!

If you MUST have medication, here's what you have to do:

1. do your research and find out what might help your symptoms
2. find a doctor who is easy to get along with and will listen to you (ask a nurse, they know)
3. be pleasant and respectful (act normal) for a couple of visits, then
4. present your request for a med and your reasons. Be casual (never needy -- they hate that) and be open to discussion.

This method has worked for me to help with a lot of problems. For example, my husband had undiagnosed headaches for years before I figured out it was probably migraines and he casually said to his doc "Can you give me a prescription for x, I'm having one of my migraines". He said, "Of course".

Another time (to another doc), I said "I've been under a lot of stress and I'm having nightmares. I was reading that x can help with that. Do you think it might be worth a try?" She said, "Why not?"

Ideally, take care of your own health but when you can't find your laid back doctor, be super reasonable and act normal! In my experience, doctors can't stand patients who cause problems. So, if you are anxious, desperate or flipped out, you will have to fake a degree of mental health you don't feel.

Anxious, desperate or flipped out gets you nowhere except quite possibly the psych ward.
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Sit-n-Spin (03-28-10)
Old 03-28-10, 12:54 PM
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Re: adhd misdiagnosed as mania??!

As spotty said, "anxious, desperate or flipped out gets you nowhere." You can get into a chicken-egg thing with the diagnosis. Meaning, if you are so upset about it and go to a new doctor who can't see through your means of expression then that doctor might diagnosis you the same way as your previous diagnosis without taking into account the fact that you are genuinely distressed about being misdiagnosed. Try to start fresh with a new doctor.

Try making a good edited list of your concerns and symptoms to take in with you even if you read them yourself so that you can stay on task.
40-something female; have tried Vyvanse and now between medications while addressing other health concerns.
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