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General Medication Discussion This section is to be used for general medication discussion and other medications not broken out in their own respective forums.

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Old 03-25-05, 12:00 PM
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Question traveling...start new meds now?

Hi all,

I'm pretty new here and have posted a couple of times. I've got a little dilemma now and was hoping for some feedback from those who've been there.

I started seeing a psychologist well over a year ago due to a sense of depression (though I never liked to call it that) brought on by external events. In speaking with the doc and doing lots of reading on my own I began to realize the importance of structure in my life and saw that ADHD was likely an issue for me. Also started coming to grips with the fact that a low-level depression has been lingering around pretty much all of my adult life. As is a smidge of social anxiety.

So just the other day saw a psychiatrist who's works as a "teammate" with the first doc. I was prescribed Lexapro and Concerta 36mg. Now each doc has made it clear that this is MY decision whether or not to take these. I was told to stagger their start, but given a choice as to which to start first. When I couldn't really decide, doc 2 said start Lexapro since it takes longer to get into your system.

So I started it yesterday. THEN...I started reading all about it on various websites and forums and see that withdrawal might be pure torture. (flu-like, dizziness, head-swooping feeling, etc.) AND that the initial side-effects (and possibly some that may last?) can be nausea, sleepiness (a zombie state) and insomnia (bound to make that sleepiness worse?). Not to mention the number of people who claim to have gained 12-35 pounds in a year or so on it. Now THAT'S not appealing.

So....HERE'S my dilemma: I leave on a 3-week trip overseas in a couple of days and have TONS to do before I go. I can't decide if I really want to start these now, if this is the best order to start them, if I want to start them at all, if I want to start only ONE now, or if I want to wait til my return to start them.

I already had that gee-I-feel-like-napping-again feeling most of yesterday and accomplished almost nothing. And if I continue taking the Lexapro I'll take it a little later in the day today because I'm worried about making it through a work day feeling like that. When I return from my trip I am moving into a new job where I already work (but still, some added stress). I'm wondering if traveling is going to be a horrible time to be playing guinea pig with my system. If I start to think the dose is wrong I am miles and miles and a very expensive phone call away from my doc. Or will it be crap to wait til I'm back and be feeling a mess when starting a new job?

Now on the flip side of all of this is the very appealing prospect of possibly feeling more up than I have in decades (doc called the low-level depression dysthymia and as I read about that I said...oh that sounds familiar). And by adding the Concerta of also feeling more clarity and an ability to organize thoughts, time and space. But then I read about ITS side-effects. And again I wonder if I want to be experiencing those in a foreign land? Am I just going to ruin a trip I've been waiting for for months by doing this now? Or will I enhance it by feeling calmer?

I also don't feel like disclosing to my travel buddies that I'm trying this. So I'd pretty much be on my own. And I guess one more thing...The Concerta doesn't freak me out as much as the Lexapro. Somehow I feel ok about the idea of an ADHD med, but the idea of taking an anti-depressant just bums me out (guess I DO need it, huh? ). Then there's the fact that the Concerta is in and out of my system. Feels much less permanent. Like I can just give it a shot and then decide if I hate it and be done. Starting the Lexapro feels kind of like going on one blind date and then committing to a year-long relationship. Yikes! And if I decide I don't want it I've gotta deal with that withdrawal purgatory (a bad break-up...and I don't even know the guy! )

So I'm thinking of not taking another Lexapro (I've only taken one...will I feel withdrawal from that?) And MAYBE taking the Concerta while traveling. Then...waiting til I'm back on home turf to add the Lexapro. Or maybe just waiting on both. Anyone have any thoughts on this? They'd be much appreciated. Obviously I'm kinda wiggin' out about this whole meds thing. I've never been one to like to turn to meds, but reading about how much they've helped others has inspired me, I guess. But I'm scared about the whole thing.

Thanks in advance for any input you've got.

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