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Creative Writing A place for forum members to post their poetry, short stories and other creative writing.

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Old 04-02-09, 12:13 AM
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Short Story

Yes, I am a Star Wars geek (at least the first three movies released). This was a short story I did as a background bio/ ongoing storyline for a toon of mine when I played Star Wars Galaxies online. If anyone recognizes it, now you know why Mia was so flighty! lol

Scenes From Naboo

How far do you have to run until no one knows you? Miadora stood on the steps of the starport and stared at the swiftly moving sea of beings collected from around the galaxy. Kor Vella had not prepared her for this many people in one place; not even the short trip to Coronet her father had taken her on when she had seen her eighteenth year.

She smiled at that memory. Her father had left his business early for that day, sneaking her off to do some shopping and sightseeing without her mother knowing. The crowds and the many different things to be found in the city had fascinated her and she had trailed behind her father like a little bird, her wide eyes caught by every flash of movement. They had dined on real beefsteak and she had her first taste of jawa beer, followed by fried corellian ice cream for dessert.

It had been a very good day until they returned home to find her mother waiting in the sitting room, furious. At the time Miadora could never figure out why her mother was so harsh and unbending; knowing now did make her feel better in any way.

Someone brushed past her and she shook off the memory. She had to find a place to sleep tonight, and one that was not too dear. While she had a bit of money stuffed into the bottom of her bag she preferred to use that in an emergency such as her mad dash to leave Corellia and travel here to Naboo.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Much later as she sat with her legs crossed in the middle of the worn bed and surveyed her tiny room she wondered if maybe she should have used some of the credits after all. The room was a far cry from the hotels she had stayed in on Corellia. A tiny window let out onto the alley behind the cantina and she could still hear music and voices coming from the front of the building. People wandered past the window, talking. She hoped it would be quieter when she finished her first shift as a dancer. She desperately wanted to sleep for hours. But first she had to find a spot for her bag.

Miadoras’ eyes wandered the room, looking for a place to leave her bag. She had already left her credits with a bank under a different last name and now she worried only about her few pieces of jewelry her father had given her and some other reminders of her past. Some piece’s were distinctive and not to be worn in the open for now.

She searched for a spot in the tiny closet to set her bag. There was a number of clothing and other items left from previous occupants and she shoved those around as she tried various ways to hide it. There! Above the doorframe was a tiny opening, covered by a piece of board. She pulled a chair into the doorway and stood on it to look carefully at the opening. It was barely big enough to stuff the pack in. She shoved the soft pack in the space, and replaced the board, jumping down to pull the chair out before she could change her mind.

Time to head out to work. Who knew that all those years of boring state dances would lead to this? My mot- err, Helena, would just love to see me like this. Miadora grinned. She had a good sense of humor that had never let her down and helped her to keep from falling into the severe bouts of self-pity she had wanted to indulge in since this began.

She danced the way she had learned since becoming an entertainer in Kor Vella, lightly flirting with the patrons, watching the other entertainers as they called to the ones they knew. When she first began dancing and playing music in Kor Vella she had been very quiet, wanting nothing more than to be unnoticed. She learned that being quiet and retiring was not the way to earn money as an entertainer; not when you were playing in the cantinas.

She flirted lightly with one of the patrons, a rough looking commando whose name she had forgotten already. When he began to get a little too personal, she tried to get out of the situation gracefully and failing that ‘accidentally’ fell against him pushing him into three horned zabrak who had a small kimi resting on the floor beside him. A small fight ensued and Miadora sighed and danced her way to the back of the crowd. Two more hours to go and she could grab something to eat from the bar and head back to her room to sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was in the early morning hours when she was roughly awaked to the smell of raw aithli and sweat and someone grabbing at her. Miadora tried to get untangled from the blankets and swing when her attacker was pulled off and pushed into the far way with as thud.

"Damned kliknik crapper. You’re always going after the dancers, who don’t want you, "

More sounds of struggle as Miadora scrambled to an awkward stand in the middle of the bed. All she could make out in the faint light from the street lamps were two fighting figures in the far corner of the room. Which wasn’t far enough for her. She made her way to the closet and spent a few seconds jumping for the loose board so she could grab her pack and leave them to fight it out. No way was she going to be here to greet the victor of that little struggle. Damn! I need the chair.

Miadora gave a frustrated sigh; the chair was just beyond the two figures. Might as well be on the moon as far as she was concerned. She searched the closet floor for anything that could be used as a weapon. Dancing slippers, discarded scarf, something terribly yucky that she was darned if she would touch again, metal. A gun? The sounds from the room were quieter now and she could hear a vague cursing. Then silence and the sounds of footsteps making their way to her refuge in the closet. Miadora made an awkward turn to the door with the gun in her hands.

The door started to open, and with a silent prayer, Miadora pulled back on the trigger and tried to make her voice as low and mean as possible as she voiced a warning, " I have a gun pointed at the door. Get out of here and take your friend with you."

The door began to open and she barely registered a glimpse of lekku before she discharged the gun.
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