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Careers/Job Impact This forum is for adults to discuss how AD/HD affects work and career.

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Old 08-27-08, 09:34 PM
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Ideas about types of work arrangements.

Some cool ideas in here that ADDers would find useful.

Further ideas about types of work arrangements.

Research conducted by B. Day and K. Copithorne in Radical Change in the World of Work identified a number of new ways that work is organized besides the traditional fulltime and part time jobs or the self-employed owner-operator.

What many of these new ways of working have in common is a tendency to overturn the traditional notion of a job being performed by one worker who has one stable defined work role that they perform for one organization. In some cases the worker now has a number of work roles, sometimes even with multiple organizations or clients. For example, in Multi-tracking a person has 2 or more separate work roles at one time which may involve working for 2 or more employers, working for an employer and running a business, running 2 or more separate businesses, or working for an employer and being involved in a community barter network.

In other cases the work role is divided between 2 people as in Job Sharing, or the person may have no long-term defined role but is part of a team which has a project to undertake and different people take on different roles during the life of the project as happens in some Work Sharing/team models.

Those who are more interested in self-employed do not have to do it single handedly as they can belong to a Talent Pool. This is where a group of individuals with common interests but complementary skills, form an alliance so they can find and perform work that as isolated individuals they haven't the range of skills to do but can do when calling on the combined skills of all the members.

SELF-EMPLOYMENT can take many forms apart from the individual who develops, markets and delivers goods and services, There are
Contractors- hired by a company for temporary work, (the temp) who is usually paid by the hour;

Consultants- who have multiple contracts with many companies simultaneously and are. paid a flat fee and

Agents/brokers- who thrive on their ability to market the services or products of someone else to that person's potential customers.

Entrepreneurs/Small business owners- who may have built the business from scratch, purchased it from its previous owner or from a franchise.

All these newer work options require different skills, values and personal qualities as some provide more independence but more risk than traditional full time employment although the "permanent" job itself is a vanishing species.

A number of differing ways of working and some predictions about trends that are effecting the Australian workforce were outlined above. Consider what it might mean for you and your ideal career.
Is your ideal career based on a full time job working for only one company?
It doesn't have to be. This is particularly good news for those of you who have difficulty restricting yourself to just one ideal career.
Are you expecting this career to last the rest of your working life?
It probably won't. With more people having multiple careers if you have several careers in your working lifetime then this won't be considered unusual or odd.
When you imagined a day in your ideal career did you travel to work?
In many cases people are working from home either as self-employed consultants or via tele-commuting Also more Australians are working overseas.
I found this article in a book and thought that maybe someone here would find it helpful. Also a good excuse to use my new scanner (I can scan pages of text and it comes up in a word document on my computer! very cool)
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