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Old 01-18-05, 02:06 AM
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Adult with ADD asks is my psychiatrist is jerking me around?

I have been on this website for a few days doing research on medications as well as chating with people. after doing research on medications i have realized that my present psychiatrist is only interested in getting paid instead of helping me. I say this because when ever i ask him for 60 pills (i am on ritlandt 10m once a day) he tells me that becuase it is a controled substance he cannot give me any more than that. but after doing some research as well as talking with people (on this website) and also thinking about my past psychiatrist and them giving me 60 pills, i realize that i may have to get a new doctor.

what do you think guys
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Old 01-18-05, 02:53 AM
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Cool Note from a Doctor's Kid: Warning, it's kind of Long

Doctors vary. Ritalin isn't just a controlled substance--it's one of the most controlled substances. It's a schedule II--schedule II drugs can't be "called in" to the pharmacy, that's why you have to actually take a paper-written script to the pharmacy.

I've found that provision of prescriptions varies with each doctor. Some will write up three months' worth of Xanax without batting an eye. Some will be leery to give anything more than a month's worth, even if they know it will save you money to get more. (In my case, whether I get a month's or three months' worth of Xanax, if it's a generic, it's 5 bucks, period. Used to be written up for panic attacks and anxiety, but after rape crisis counseling, I don't really use it for that, just for occasional insomnia. Thus, I usually only refill this three-months worth about once every 6-9 months or more, rather than the three months I'm allowed.)

Your doctor might be jerking you around, like you're wondering. Or he might just be a little different in personality and comfort levels and confidence than that other doctor you saw, and other doctors that people on here have had. He might be paranoid about putting his future or his patients' safety in jeopardy. This is not to say that he thinks you would do something irresponsible with the medication if he gave you more; rather, it more likely could mean that another patient has, and he got burned for it. That happens all the time, and perfectly good patients get a raw deal because of some other patient that might have made a bad choice, gotten addicted or just took too much, and gotten the doc in a precarious situation.

Right now, I'm mainly going to a neuropsych. I've been to lots of doctors. This one is interesting, because he's very liberal about prescriptions, and will prescribe them in huge quantities and just say, "No big deal." But my dad, like some others who are leery of certain things, saw how much this guy was writing up for me (to save me money, because he knows how my particular insurance works) and freaked. He'd never do anything like that, 'cause he's just cautious and doesn't like to take risks with his patients or his license. So my dad would probably never write up 60 pills if you take one a day, while other doctors might. I told dad the doc did it to save me money, but still, it freaked him out: even though he's not worried I'd get hooked on it and take too much, he's worried I'll get robbed or something.

Like I said, Ritalin's a schedule II. An extra-tight-security drug. Some doctors don't think it's a big deal, and some are really very very cautious about giving them out, how often they do and in what quantities for how long.

Are you comfortable with him? Do you trust him, or do you wonder if he really knows what he's doing? Does he work with you, or treat you in some degrading manner, as though he has to "take care of you because he knows what's best and you're just a patient"? Even when you're stabilized and have been for quite a while on a dose of a particular med, does he insist that you see him as often as you would if you were in limbo and perhaps things weren't definitely okay? If that's going on, it's obviously a sign of a crappy doctor. I only deal with neurologists and neuropsychs (like this one who just put me on Dex) who will be flexible and treat me with respect, rather than some underling that should just listen to what he has to say, take his direction, and never question it, and tells me to see him in three weeks even though I don't really need to, and it'd just be a waste of money. I've run into those doctors, and I ditched them posthaste.

Am I making any sense, or helping at all? He might still be a good doctor and just trying to watch his @$$ because he's paranoid about getting in trouble or something. Try doing a google search on his name. In most places, a mark on a doctor's record is a matter of public record, so you have the right to know if he's under investigation for anything.

Then again, if he does have something that's been questioned, it doesn't necessarily mean he's a bad doctor--hell, this neuropsych I talked about that's liberal with his prescription pad was under investigation for writing out excessive amounts of controlled substances to his patients, though it got dismissed and he didn't get too freaked out and scared he'd get "investigated" again. He said he just screens more heavily to decide, based on looking at the particular patient, whether he thinks the patient might do something stupid and up the dose without telling him and let things get out of hand, and then he'd get the blame for it.

All I'm saying is, while I don't know your doctor, and I don't get a "vibe" off him like you do when you see him, realize that he might be watching his @$$ and not really screwing you over. But then, like dad tells me repeatedly, remember that he's your employee, and you can fire him and hire someone else at any time if you decide to do so. It's up to you.

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Old 01-18-05, 03:10 AM
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thank you very much for this advise. i have to see him on wens so i will see what happens then and let you know and decide.

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Old 01-18-05, 05:14 PM
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My doctor hardly makes time for an appt. with me. I wouldn't complain about a doctor wanting to see you more often unless he's obviously wasting your time and doesn't show an interest in you. I see my doc like every 4 months the session lasts all of ten minutes if that. She asks me how I'm feeling as she writes my next scripts out and tells me to have a nice day. Then if I change or start a new med she see's me in three months. I've called the office before because I've ran out of pills and they make it really difficult to see the doctor because I guess she sees alot of patients. To me that is wrong. How is a doctor supposed to give a **** about the care they give the individual when they see so many people a day. To me that is sickening.
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Old 01-19-05, 02:27 AM
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That is really a low dose for an adult, and even for a kid. You need to do more research, find medical articles/papers, arm yourself with information. There was an article in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) about two years ago talking about ADD in adults, and that most responded to about 80 mg/ day of ritalin. If you don't click with your doc, find another one, that is what I do. Believe me, I am a doc, and they don't usually know alot about the current adult ADD stuff. Adderall XR has recently been approved by the FDA as the only approved drug for adults with ADD. That might help you too. Good Luck
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Old 01-19-05, 11:09 AM
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I see my doctor every 2 weeks, and he only writes up a 2 week prescription to the exact day of the next appointment, and he doesn't even prescribe my optimal dosage, and your complaining about once a month, you have it good. My doctor doesn't even prescribe me for something at night time when meds wear off, so I'm force to self medicate with pain killers and marijuana. I have no insurance so my monthly medical just for ADHD is around 500 not including marijuana.

I'm still on the hunt looking for meds the illegal way so I don't have to deal with doctors.

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