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Old 08-29-10, 07:40 PM
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Re: Anyone offer help with laundry organization?

I love doing my laundry, measuring out the powder, deciding whether to use the colour detergent or the lavender one, setting the wash cycle (there's no way in heck I'm ruining my lovely clothes), hanging it out (don't have a dryer). I sometimes watch the clothes go round and round and round.. it's hypnotic. I'm good at this bit.

The difficult part is the folding and putting away. As the clothes dry, I remove them, generally when my housemates need the airer to dry their clothes and chuck it in my clean laundry basket. And the pile is getting bigger and bigger. Sigh, at least it's clean. I very rarely iron my clothes, I walk the creases out.
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Old 09-11-10, 10:31 AM
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Re: Anyone offer help with laundry organization?

Originally Posted by MessieJessie View Post
There is lots of good advice above. If you can afford wash/dry/fold service I would highly recommend that.

But if not, the simpler and easier you can make the job the more likely you will be to execute it succesfully. I had to really work on my laundry issues and here are some things that helped.

Consider washing smaller loads more frequently. If you look at a big pile of clothes, you really just don't wanna do it. I found that I was much less reluctant to do the job when I was looking at a small basket of clothes. Get a small bag or basket and take it in whenever it's full, rather than waiting until everything you own is dirty.

Quit sorting whites and colors. It really increases the work. Stop buying clothes that are white and wear all colors. If you still wear whites and they're clothes you can take a little risk with, try throwing them in with the colors using cold water and see what happens. Most colored clothes don't bleed at all. I stopped sorting about a year ago and haven't had a single problem with any of my whites being discolored.

Try to wash your clothes less often. Most of us wash more often than is really needed. Buy a bottle of Febreeze. Look at your clothes and smell them when you're taking them off. If they're not stinky or stained, give them a little spray and hang or fold them back up. Try not to toss them aside somewhere, because then you'll end up having to wash them anyway because they're wrinkled and stepped on. This will save wear and tear on your clothes too.

Try to make laundromat visits pleasant. I usually bribe myself with a movie or tv show as an incentive to fold the laundry. If you have a laptop maybe you can do the same kind of thing at the laundromat.

Hope some of this helps!
I love the Febreze part the most. Hahahahahahaha.
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Old 05-11-11, 12:53 PM
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Re: Anyone offer help with laundry organization?

It's like you guys are from my family! LAUNDRY.....GAHHHHH!

Ok. After almost twenty years of marriage, I think I might have the laundry stress minimized. I didn't say, "GONE." Just minimized. Where I don't break into a cold sweat or have an anxiety attack of mounds of clothing thrown onto my couch.

We are a family of five. Two parents, three kids.

I now do all of our laundry separately. Everyone has their own laundry
basket. (I only do all laundry together if I'm desperate.) But I still try to wash the laundry - presorted. That's why everyone has their own basket. That way I don't have to sort as much. If I were more organized, everyone would get their own Laundry Day of the week, but I haven't gotten there yet.

So, I take my laundry basket down. I wash my darks together. Dry them. Throw them in basket. Same with whites.

I have two small laundry netted laundry bags (actually lingerie bags). I have one bag labeled "clean." One bag is labeled "dirty." Those two bags are hung on the back of my bathroom door. When my laundry is done, my clean underwear and socks are put in the lingerie bag and then placed on the over-the-door hanger/sorter (with several hooks). Whenever I shower and change, I put my old stuff in the "dirty" lingerie bag.

So, I always know when I'm running out of clean undergarments/socks. And, once I've washed and dry, I have MATCHING socks. IT'S A MIRACLE...!

Let's be honest, isn't it so stressing trying to keep your clean underwear and socks in the correct dresser drawer? This keeps underwear and socks from having to be FOUND in the dresser drawer. Cuz, if you're like me, your underwear and socks are NOT in the designated drawer. They are all over the place, as in all over the ROOM!

I tried doing the lingerie bag for clean/dirty underwear and socks for my three sons, but that was a disaster. Boys take their socks off in ANY room of the house.

I do have my oldest teenager, who actually cares if he has clean underwear and socks, also use two lingerie bags on the back of his bathroom door.

Trust me, it simplifies doing the laundry!
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Old 05-22-11, 03:36 AM
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Re: Anyone offer help with laundry organization?

Ahhh yes, the dreaded laundry monster. I feel for those of you who don't have machines at home. Years ago I used to lug garbage bags of laundry in a taxi to get them done.

I strongly believe that all family members over 12 should bear some laundry responsibility. My husband has been washing his own clothes for years. I don't get him to wash mine, as he throws things in the dryer that he shouldn't and does a "fisherman's load" of lights and darks together.

Clean clothes often spend time inside or on top of the dryer. If they are clean, they can be worn, and laundry has technically been done. If they are wrinkled, they can be fluffed in the dryer.

I also try to buy multiples of the same socks to make pairing easier. All family members are responsible for how they choose to organize their socks. I sometimes pair my socks up while watching tv, otherwise I stuff them in the drawer loose. I tend to hand most of my tops on hangers, as it is easier and more visual than folding them and storing in drawers.

I put a seagrass basket in my linen closet to throw my clean facecloths in. It saves on the piddly folding, plus the piles of folded facecloths would often fall over or get messed up anyway. This is both easier AND more organized!

I don't buy anything that MUST be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. I even *gasp* machine wash bras. I try not to buy anything that needs ironing. All my dress pants for work are ones I can take straight out of the dryer. My workplace is business-casual, so in the winter I wear nice sweaters all the time. In dress shirts, a little lycra goes a long way to warding of wrinkles.

The next thing I need to work on is getting around to sewing buttons and fasteners back on several pairs of pants. Using a safety pin is getting a little old! lol
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Old 05-25-11, 10:37 AM
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Re: Anyone offer help with laundry organization?

Originally Posted by stef View Post

my laundry solution now is very simple: this is my husband's job!
Me too!

Although I do have to put my own clothes away... which I hate. I especially hate hanging things up. Me + hangers = frustration/anger. I'd rather just shove everything in drawers- out of sight, out of mind
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Old 07-28-11, 10:35 AM
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Re: Anyone offer help with laundry organization?

I love dropping off my laundry!! It comes back square and smelling good. And when I invariably don't put it away, I just live right out of those huge blue ikea bags of square clothes. It is worth all the money in the world to not have to do my own laundry. Now that I live in a house with a washer/dryer...OY! I simply can't excuse dropping it off at the laundromat anymore...and I'm a wrinkled, sometimes clean mess.
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Old 02-23-12, 01:22 AM
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Re: Anyone offer help with laundry organization?

*line your hampers with mesh bags from the $1 store. pull it up out, flip it inside out into the washer and toss the bag in too. when it's all dry, you can put it back into the bag to bring home/put away.
*when the clothes are dry, i quickly sort them into piles for who they belong to. then i can fold them without thinking b'c i'm not having to think "this is my son's, this is mine.." it all just gets folded and set down on the pile. goes SUPER FAST
*unless an item is brand spanking new i wash lights/darks/whites/towels all together all the time. i wash almost everything on cold and with homemade detergent (that is gentle on colors, tough on whites and gets ick out of anything). no more different detergents for different colors, waiting for a full load of whites, blah blah. i got stuff to do! if i'm worried about something bleeding, i toss in a shout color catcher sheet with the load. lifesaver it is.
*simplify. purge. get to the basics. good quality half a dozen of each thing (pants, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters/sweatshirts, etc) will more than suffice.
*if you get a magazine subscription, bring it with you to the laundromat, read it there while doing your laundry, then bless & release.. leave it for others to enjoy. one less thing cluttering your home and you have something to look forward to each time.
*got a friend that does the same thing? set a time to go together.
*bring a pillow, blanket and an alarm clock and take a nap at the laundromat.
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Old 02-23-12, 02:11 AM
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Re: Anyone offer help with laundry organization?

I don't have a dryer, I hang it out in the sun to dry, and I sort the clothes as I'm hanging them on the line, then fold and sort them further getting them off the line, so when I get inside I just need to take the sorted piles and put them away.

Odd how this usually takes at least a week and is all messed up and rummaged through by the time i get to put them away...
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Old 03-19-12, 02:50 PM
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Re: Anyone offer help with laundry organization?

I know this is an old thread. But I've always struggled with the laundry issue. I've always wondered - even though my mom taught me how to do my laundry when I was a kid, had me put it away, all of that - why do I still struggle with this as an adult? Of course i've eventually figured out that ADD has a lot to do with it.

I've had my own washer/dryer for the last couple of years which has made that department a lot easier for me. But of course there are still piles of clothes in my bedroom- mostly clean clothes that I put on my bed which eventually ends up on the floor.
I used to hate myself for this but now that I understand that its part of the disorganization, I don't beat myself up about it. I try to at least have the hangable clothes hung up but thats as far as i've gotten lately. sigh.
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