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Adult Education This forum is to discuss issues related to ADD and higher education.

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Old 09-13-20, 05:25 AM
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ADA - Americans with Disability Act and Education

Anyone have experience with accommodations, college and ADHD?

In most of the 4 year colleges that I've seen. They seems to have some crazy requirements to ask for accommodations. Just looking at duke is borderline illegal.

Documentation should include:
I. Qualifications of the Evaluator
II. Current and Age Appropriate Evaluation Data & Comprehensive and Diagnostic Evaluation
III. Rationale & Justification for Each Requested Accommodation
IV. Confidentiality
I. Qualifications of the Evaluator
The professional conducting the evaluation and making the diagnosis must be qualified to make the diagnosis and
recommend appropriate accommodations for adult students. Professionals typically qualified to make this diagnosis
include psychologists, neuro-psychologists, psychiatrists, and other doctors trained in psychology/psychiatry. A clinical
team approach to diagnosis may also be appropriate. The documentation must include the name, title, and professional
credentials of the evaluator, including information about licensure and/or specialization.
Diagnoses of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder documented by family members will not be accepted even when
the family members are otherwise qualified by virtue of training and licensure/certification. All reports should be in
English, typed or printed on professional letterhead, dated, signed, and otherwise legible. SDAO reserves the right to
receive the documentation directly from the evaluator.
II. Current and Age Appropriate Evaluation Data & Comprehensive and Diagnostic Evaluation is Required
Since reasonable accommodations are based upon the assessment of the current impact of the condition on academic
and other functioning, a comprehensive neuropsychological or psychological evaluation, interview, clinical narrative
discussion and summary with a coded diagnosis per the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV-TR (DSM-IV-TR) or the
DSM-V is required, including the subtype of ADHD on which the diagnosis is based. If the student is 18 years or older at
the time of the administration, adult scales must be used. The comprehensive evaluation should include a description of
the evaluation methods, tests and procedures used, including standard scores/percentiles and subtest scores, dates of
administration, along with a clinical narrative based upon observations and specific results.

The evaluation/diagnostic report needs to address the individual’s current level of functioning, with and without the use
of mitigating measures, including medication, including the student’s ability to function in a higher education academic
There must be evidence that establishes a clear link between the functional limitations and the specific deficit areas
along with a justification for the need of the recommended accommodations. The evaluation should demonstrate that a
major life activity is substantially limited by providing evidence of the frequency and severity of the condition. The
evaluator must clearly state the specific diagnosis along with the appropriate diagnostic code. Indirect language in the
wording of the diagnosis such as “weakness,” “suggests,” “seems to indicate,” “appears,” “is indicative of,” “learning
difficulty or difference,” “presence of” do not support a conclusive or specific diagnosis.
If the documentation is inadequate in scope or content, or fails to sufficiently address the student’s current functional
limitations and need for accommodations, SDAO may require additional information to be submitted. School plans such
as Individual Educational Plans (IEP) or 504 Accommodation Plans are helpful in providing historical data, but may not be
substituted in lieu of the above requested documentation. SDAO prefers the following assessments:
• Aptitude/Cognitive Ability:
o Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale 4th Edition (WAIS-IV) or
o Woodcock Johnson Psycho-educational Battery Tests of Cognitive Battery IV
• Academic Achievement:
o Woodcock Johnson Psycho-educational Battery Tests of Achievement IV or
o Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT)
• Information Processing:
o Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude – 3 (DTLA -3) or Adult (DTLA-A)
o Subtests from the WAIS-IV or Woodcock Johnson Psycho-educational Battery Tests of Cognitive
Ability IV
• Behavioral Rating Scales, Attention, Memory and Learning Assessments: (May not be used alone, but only
in conjunction with other data. Other tests/measures can and should be submitted in addition to the above
assessments to support the evaluation report.)
o Brown Executive Function & Attention Scale
o Wender Utah Rating Scale
o Conners’ Continuous Performance Test
o Conners’ Parent & Teacher Rating Scales (ages 3 – 17)
o Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)
o Achenbach System for Empirically Based Assessment
o Behavior Assessment System for Children-3 (BASC-3)
Other tests/measures may and should be submitted in addition to the above assessments to support the evaluation
III. Rationale & Justification for Each Requested Accommodation
A diagnosis alone will not necessarily establish disability status or warrant accommodations under the ADA. To be
considered, accommodations must be necessary, reasonable and appropriate. When recommending accommodations,
the evaluator should establish a clear link between the request and the student’s functional limitations that are pertinent
to the anticipated academic environment. Please note that the provision of a past accommodation in another setting
does not necessarily guarantee or assure the requested accommodation will be implemented at Duke University;
however, having that information is helpful to SDAO and will be considered in making current decisions about necessary,
reasonable, and appropriate accommodations and services. If a requested accommodation is not clearly stated and
supported in the diagnostic report, SDAO reserves the right to seek additional clinical information pertaining to the
determination of eligibility. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the requested additional information when
the request is made.
Note: If there have not been any services or accommodations provided in the past, please include a detailed explanation
of the reason why none were used followed by a justification of why services are needed at this time.

(i) The examination is selected and administered so as to best ensure that, when the examination is administered to an individual with a disability that impairs sensory, manual, or speaking skills, the examination results accurately reflect the individual's aptitude or achievement level or whatever other factor the examination purports to measure, rather than reflecting the individual's impaired sensory, manual, or speaking skills (except where those skills are the factors that the examination purports to measure);

(iv) Any request for documentation, if such documentation is required, is reasonable and limited to the need for the modification, accommodation, or auxiliary aid or service requested.

(vi) The entity responds in a timely manner to requests for modifications, accommodations, or aids to ensure equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities.

(c) (2) Required modifications may include changes in the length of time permitted for the completion of the course, substitution of specific requirements, or adaptation of the manner in which the course is conducted or course materials are distributed.

"Amendments Act stated that mitigating measures shall NOT be considered in determining whether an individual has a disability. Mitigating measures include, for example, medications, coping strategies, and adaptive neurological modifications that an individual could use to eliminate or reduce the effects of an impairment."

What do you guys think?
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Old 09-18-20, 09:24 PM
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Re: ADA - Americans with Disability Act and Education

I’ve never had to get school accommodations but when I read this, what it sounds to me like is that you need to make sure the psychiatrist you hire has done a lot of work helping college age kids with the paperwork and medical exams they need to get qualified for the accommodations. Not sure if you need a therapist helping out as well but the psychiatrist should know who needs to be involved to get you through this.

I would definitely express your concerns about this process with your psychiatrist and see if he can help lead you through this.

I can understand your corcerns. I don’t think they are weeding people out but the bureaucracy and paperwork involved is just more complicated than I personally think it should be but unfortunately that’s just how these things work.

I do think if you have the right psychiatrist, they can take a lot of the weight off your shoulders and guid you through the steps that need to be done.

Good luck.
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