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Thumbs up Yes, Please Do the Following

The following items are discussed further in this list. Please review and go to New Member Help/Questions if you need further clarification.

* Read Announcements and Sticky Threads
* Use Correct Forum
* Good Subject Titling
* Using Search
* Etiquette

Read Announcements & Sticky Threads:
* It is each member's responsibility to read the Announcements and Sticky Threads before posting in a forum. There are a number of announcements and sticky threads placed at the top of each forum. Please read them before posting. These threads contain valuable information and may answer your question.

Use Correct Forum:
* Posting in the correct forum is vital for a more direct response. Wrongly posted posts will be moved when possible, but may also be locked or deleted with or without warning by Moderators.

Good Subject Titling:
* As ADD Forums grows, it becomes increasingly important to properly title the subject of new threads. People find the threads that they are interested in mostly by scanning the titles, even when searching with our site search engine. Titles/Subjects that are leading are not allowed. ADD Forums Moderators may change the title of any thread to assist in describing the content of the thread without notifying the member who started the thread. In some cases, a moderator may also contact the member if it is evident the member is having a problem with titling to give tips.

Use Search:
* A search function is provided for the forums. Before posting a new question, please search for your topic in the forums. If you are searching for an item with less than four characters, use a * in the search field (example: when searching for ADD, enter ADD* in the search field).

*Please remember that ADD Forums is a place for support. All members should feel comfortable at ADD Forums!

*Please be respectful to one another. People come from all different backgrounds and many have different ideas and views on different issues.

*Treat your fellow members with courtesy (especially if you disagree with them).

*Treating staff members with disrespect is grounds for suspension/banning.

*Avoid the use of foul language, flaming members, discrimination, innuendo and spam. This includes posts, visitor message, blog and private messaging.

* If you choose not to follow the etiquette rules/guidelines, your posts may be edited or simply closed with warnings by the moderators. If warnings are not followed, it could lead to a permanent ban depending on the severity.

*Language Etiquette - ADDForums is a family forum accessible to both adults and children. With this in mind the following guideline has been put in place:

In regards to foul language, when posting it is important to keep in mind that what you may consider normal everyday language could be, for others, offensive. In order to assist you we have a list of words which most commonly fall into this category, and if you happen to use one of them you will see in your Post ****.

In order to foster a healthy personal image in our members, the use of medical terminology for our bodies will be accepted in serious discussions. This terminology used in a derogatory or humorous manner will not be tolerated.

In matters of religion, the ban on religion applies to discussions of religious matters, comments of a religious nature in response to a posting, the formulation in signatures, links, etc. that is intended to direct or influence members of the forum in their beliefs, and statements of personal religious beliefs.

Casual references such as "good lord", OMG, karma, the devil made me do it, etc. are a part of casual language and, as a rule, are not forbidden. However, please keep in mind, that we have many members from all walks of life here and some may feel very uncomfortable with such casual usage. If a member makes excessive use of these forms of expression, they may be issued a warning.

We at the forums understand that language restriction is a complicated, confusing issue. Language is powerful and our goal is simply to make everyone here as comfortable as possible. The staff of the forum will use their discretion in making decisions, and anyone affected is welcome to approach us if they have questions or concerns.

You don't have to be a saint to use the Forums. Simply use common sense, be respectful, and courteous.

*Also remember that members have the option to put other members on ignore. The ignore option may prevent heated arguments and further issues.

*Please post in English. We are visited by many people who post in non-English. It presents several problems. First and foremost, we (Moderators) can't sift out anything offensive or illegal. Secondly, potential forum users can't be helped due to a language barrier.

* International members of the ADD Forums may post in their native language in the International Forums section.

*** We are working hard to include software that will help us embrace many more languages in the future. Please be patient. We are looking forward to many more cultures being a part of our forums.

* The use of foul language is offensive and will not be tolerated.

* Avoid direct insults to any member of the forums. Everyone should be treated with the same degree of respect. The goal should be to give constructive criticism with source documentation given where possible to back up your opinions while using common sense, respect, and courtesy. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

* While forums are meant for debate, flaming or forcing your opinions on other members without regard to their feelings is uncalled for. This does not mean that you can't post sensitive issues or get into heated debates; it just means you have to use some common sense and courtesy when posting your opinions/views/debates. People intentionally posting to create flame wars will be dealt with by the moderators or administrators through warnings and bans as they see fit.

* Spamming is considered repeating your comments unnecessarily, mean spirited criticism, and repetitive arguments. If you make posts that are obviously just to get your post count up to get another title, your post count may be reduced and/or posts deleted.

* Discrimination against race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or of any other kind will not be tolerated on this forum.

* Issues that members feel are too sensitive or inappropriate should not, and will not be discussed here. If any issue is posted that the moderator/admin feels is not appropriate for this forum or if the general consensus among board members is that the topic is too sensitive, the topic will be deleted with or without explanation.
The end is near...I don't have time to shoe shop for Andi!

To review the ADD Forums Guidelines, please click here.


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