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Old 09-10-19, 09:01 PM
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humbleness, IQ, guitar, and procrastination.

yo all, bit tired right now... really tired however, I feel I just personally figured out something about myself and would like to share.

personally, my IQ score is about 135 (personally, new fancy words). at one point, the pshychologist I go to told me to utilize my thinker, well, I am. odd thing is, I used to think I was as dumb as a rock. "why am I really good at a number of behaviors but suck at other behaviors when there is no cognitive gap"

in otherwords, procrastination, and I think I figured out something for me personally, and so may help some of you cause I'm assuming, heh. procrastination doesn't matter how smart anyone is. lately I've been posting a lot on the boards, the reason, lots of stuff been bubbling from the surface.

a few days ago, I typed I was probably one of the 1000 best guitarist in the state of Arkansas, what is interesting is why the thought happened at all with other developments, something the therapist I goto and myself talked about near 3 years ago. before , when I said I was like one of the 1000 best guitarist, I had a tough time playing the guitar, true as the statement might have been or is. the other day I took a test and scored a 93 at college, 140 iq, new sleep scheduled.

there is a magnet of a piece of the news paper like 8 years ago when my sister graduated with her masters. in our house, achievement was for others, not for a sense of self I remember, seems like my sister's life fell to **** after she graduated. so I'm smart why do I doubt myself, why do I procrastinate, a sentiment I'm probably not alone in, I took the iq test again 2 months ago to make sure cognition was still going on (dementia scared the **** outa me), still the same number.

cause I saw what achievement did to my sister. also, back 3 years ago when I said I was probably the top 1000 in arkansas guitarwise, as true as that could be, why was it hard to practice back then. what is the connection. I think I pinned pointed the connection.

pressure. one of you, I forget who, said I could be a guitar hero for others like steve vai was for me. I remember, 13, got my first guitar and said " I have a guitar, some natural talent, time, I'll be the best guitarist I can". that's it, I didn't care about the best guitarist in the world, just, the best I could/can be. the past three day's I've spent 10 minutes each day learning one song, classical gas, I have about a third of the song flowing through me when I play the guitar, I'm not meaning to brag just saying (and ya talk is cheap) I wasn't lying about being a good guitarist, good photographer, which some of my photo's are floating around somewhere in the boards. all the best places I ever got, I didn't care about place, not winning, or loosing, just doing my best and to be fair to others. .

the main reason I wright this out is, I've been procrastinating college work until yesterday, big time. I haven't all the other behaviors I'm good at. guitarwork and photography, those don't apply to my college major. I took a test difficult test, got an A, having others know I'm smart through work isn't painful.

to me, I'm starting to think that, and I have a few years of therapy, sort of combing those memories, procrastination is all about pressure to be the best, when, the best is something others say, just like steve vai is in my veiw, one of the best guitarist of all time, hunch says vai would disagree and only starting to assume I have procrastination correct as not only a personal matter, but more of a worldly matter (meaning wanting to prove the best at anything is what makes people procrastinate, which is like, a paradox.)

I'm not going to speak of IQ out of this thread, it's a personal matter. work speaks louder than words, pride goes in work.

saying I'm one of the best 1000 guitarist and have such a high IQ, I understand why that might put people on the defense. saying I'm smarter than anyone (I'm not) is a dick move, saying I'm "teh best guitarist" is pure cockiness. I do plan on uploading some music, after I get my college word done however. it seems that trying to be the best anything, outside of my personal best and stretching those limits, is way to much pressure. thus, tommorow, I will just do my best.

when someone, in the future, asks me how I did things, I will give out tips and tricks, not my personal background. if someone asks the time taken to do stuff, I'll say something like "how long does it take anyone to do or understand anything"
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Old 09-10-19, 09:44 PM
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Re: humbleness, IQ, guitar, and procrastination.

Have you heard of Tommy Emmanuel? He does an amazing version of Classical Gas on YouTube. I'm amazed at how he can play rhythm and melody at the same time.
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