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Ritalin (methylphenidate)

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Old 03-17-19, 03:04 PM
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Ritalin - initial experiences/effects & Misc. Questions

I am wondering a few things..
I took my first dose today and feel nothing. Zip zilch zero.
And not noticing even subtly anything about my day thusfar being affected.
Even the usual lack of appetite - not- I'm really hungry lol

Every other time I've taken it I've felt SOMETHING - even if it's not obvious or anywhere near the right dose for me i notice something. But today - nothing. Like i never took it.
I hadn't eaten yet so it was on an empty stomach (well, i had herbal tea...fruit tea? Over the hour prior to taking)
And it's not a new script. So nothing different about the med.

What could cause this?

Also, anyone else when first starting ritalin find it affected their sleep even when taken early in the day? Or not past 2-3 pm.

And it's not just about being awake all night, but even if i fall asleep it's not great sleep - i wake more often and feel like there's stimulants still in my system.

does this go away with time?

And please, I don't want generic answers about YMMV and everyone is different. And give it time. I get all that. I'm asking here because I'm curious to hear if others had these problems and if they went away with time, and/or dosage changes, and/or if it persisted, etc.


P.s. I also read about stimulants lowering testosterone levels. Is that just in men or does that happen in women too? And is it all stimulants or just some?

P.s.s. Also - on the heels of my other post - anyone else find their second dose is useless compared to the first - why is that and how did you over come it - if you did? Or did you maybe change to concerta and find that was not a problem with that medication? Or does concerta have the same issue of less efficacy over the day? And if you've tried different meds, is it only ritalin that has this problem with less efficacy with successive dosages?
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