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Adult Diagnosis & Treatment This forum is for the discussion of issues related to the diagnosis of AD/HD

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Old 02-22-13, 08:25 PM
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Noobie here with a descriptive account of my first three days

Hello ADD Forum. I found this site after my doctor advised me that I have ADHD and I googled it. I have browsed through here a little bit, but this is all new to me. I always joked that I was undiagnosed with ADHD when a friend or family member would catch me zoning out, but after talking to my doctor, he also thinks my social anxiety, insomnia and other issues are symptoms as well. I am 27 and I just found this out on tuesday after several years of not knowing what was up with my issues. I always saw ADHD as just the Hyper kid that dosen't pay attention and that's it. I know, silly me.

So, here is my first four days since I found out:

Day one the doctor talked with me for much longer than a doctor normally speaks with a patient. He caught me zoning out when he was explaining my anxiety, and asked me a series of questions, then asked me if I had ever been tested for ADHD, I told him no. He went on to describe it in such a detail and everything was exactly what I have been feeling. The doctor prescribed Adderall 10mg three times a day. As it was already 5 pm I did not take the first dose until the nest day.

Day two I was a little anxious. I've never been on a stimulant before so I made my breakfast protein shake extra strong and took the first with that. It was amazing. I couldn't believe both the physical and mental changes. I was clearer, sharper, and more focused than ever before. I had energy like energy should feel, not like the twitchy I'm going to explode if I sit still energy, but good focused energy. My eyes had never felt like they were truly open before. Work was fantastic. Then about three and a half hours later I crashed harder than I ever did on caffeine or nicotine. I managed to struggle through until the 5 hour mark and took the second dose. It was relieving, not the same focus or energy level, but I still felt much better. Then I crashed again after about four hours, mid sentence while talking to my boss. It was not fun. I took the third dose after work, and went to build a fire, I then realized I had been staring at the flames contemplating a cartoon episode for about an hour and a half and almost forgot to eat dinner. I've had what I call tunnel vision, but have seen described as hyperfocus before but never for that long. I didn't sleep well at all either.

Day three I woke groggy and tired from a rough night not terribly different from some nights I've had in the past, but as soon as I finished my first cup of coffee I was well rested and feeling good. I decided to take the adderall sooner after I wake up and altered the schedule so that I might be able to sleep better... About two hours before the day before. On this day I no longer crashed after a dose started wearing off, but I also felt as if it were working off and on, I would think it wore down a bit then as I was resigning to that fact I would feel better again. I had that kind of feeling off and on all day with all three doses. I am reading, writing and speaking better and more clearly, but it seemed to take more effort to maintain focus than the day before.

Today is Day four since my revelation, and day three on adderall. This morning I woke up again groggy but had slept through the night. I kept the same schedule as yesterday for timing the meds. It seemed to come on very slow and not quite how it had felt the previous two days. I was on a short fuse and I'm not normally an angry person, so it was an odd feeling. I did not experience any sort of crash, but I was in a negative mood most of the afternoon. I clearly still maintain some focus and it is working because I don't think I could have written this much about any topic last week, but I don't feel as right as I have. I still drifted in and out of focus and was a pinch fidgety today as well as some other things. My eyes didn't get the same open feeling. It has been 4 hours since the third pill and I feel calm, but odd, and my eyes are back to the usual feeling of tired while I am not myself physically or mentally fatigued.

I am wondering if I am just adjusting to the changes and this is growing pains between me and the adderall, or is it possible that I may need something else or maybe stronger? I follow up with the doctor in three weeks, unless something drastic and negative happens. Really I am seeking any and all advice anyone might have for helping me understand all of this. I thought before that I knew what ADHD was, but After Tuesday, I now know I know very little and had/have many misconceptions about what it really is and the effect on my life and others.

And thanks everybody for being here, it is comforting to know that there is a place like this I can go to find things if I need them.
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