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Desoxyn methamphetamine hydrochloride (also known as desoxyephedrine)

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Old 05-06-19, 06:20 PM
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QUESTIONS for those prescribed Desoxyn

Hi All,

I need advice from those who have been prescribed Desoxyn. I will try to keep my story short, and I am leaving a lot out due to the complexity.


One thing I will say is my doctor is well regarded, and he is prepared to prescribe me Desoxyn. Anything I state below about my trials with medication my doctor is aware of.

Since being diagnosed 2.5 years ago with ADHD-PI (and Aspergers) I have tried:
Methylphenidate IR
Adderall XR
Dex IR
Evekeo (50-L / 50-D) IR
Adderall IR (Sandoz is the only one which does not have horrible side effects, but have taken Teva too)

None have worked properly.

MPH had briefly given "motivation" but caused numerous side effects, and stopped having any benefit within a couple of weeks, with crashes very harsh.

After a GeneSight test, I found MPH was in my "Moderate Interaction" list, but AMP's were on my safe list.

On AMP-XR I have experienced no benefit. Sometimes nothing at all, like anything XR which I had taken maybe 30mg or so per day. The times on IR's I've only had tiredness and sleeplessness... with one exception, which I will explain.

Last year I decided to get a stomach acid test (Heidleberg Test) which dangles a capsule in the stomach. I am diagnosed with low stomach acid (Hypochlorhydria) which is a complicating factor. Also a complicating factor is I took a Ubiome test, and my gut bacteria was at undetectable levels. Additionally, my doctor recommended a whole battery of tests, which revealed a super-high candida problem, along with a lot of other things. I won't go into more detail unless someone wants to know.

I was concerned that my gut system might not be absorbing the medication properly, so I tried on 3 occasions to take Adderall IR in an unorthodox way to determine whether my gut absorption was the issue.

On 3 separate occasions, while trying to figure this out, I took between 5mg to 10mg of Adderall IR (Sandoz) crushed and under my tongue. My doctor is aware, so please don't critique this. For others it may be abuse, and for me it was a necessary and important test. All 3 times it caused tiredness, fairly immediately or shortly after.

On another 3 separate occasions I tried higher dosages, which were in the 75mg to 85mg range. THIS is where there was POTENTIAL benefit. I noted, on these occasions (instead of 30mg-40mg trying) that in the higher dosages that I had felt "calm and collected". However, I did not get any motivation, I did not get any focus. But my hyperactive symptoms (tapping hands, tapping feet, speeding on highway, biting fingernails, picking off toe nails, etc) all went away. So at this dose range it had a benefit only with my hyperactive symptoms. But it came with high blood pressure and pulse (according to the Kroger blood pressure cuff), and an inability to sleep at night, in a big way, and also fatigue.

My doctor says I have a "very unusual presentation" that I have been tired on low doses, no effect on medium-high doses, and he is fine with me trying to figure this out with him, and I have reasonable latitude with him, as he trusts me and can see I have a lot of research on this.

He had me take a 2 month break from meds, and try adding L-Theanine to my supplements (for calm and sleep) and also "something for BDNF" which he said regrows neurons, which may be beneficial, so I have been taking a supplement for that.

After 2 months, we are now re-approaching the Adderall IR in the higher dose range. He said he's willing to write a script for 90mg IR per day (30 x 3) though I currently have enough for a week or so from my previous script.


It seems Adderall IR may not be the best option for me because the PNS stimulation is strong, I believe likely due to the L-AMP. And unfortunately D-AMP (Dex) caused tiredness fairly easily too.

My doctor has other patients who need Desoxyn. He said in my case he is comfortable using it. I asked that we re-try Adderall IR one last time at higher dosages, and then look at moving on to Desoxyn if that doesn't work (rather than going right to Desoxyn, and because I already have Adderall IR in hand).

I would like to know a few things from those taking Desoxyn:

-Please tell me your experience on Desoxyn, and how it differed from Adderall IR or other medications

-Blood Pressure differences

-Pulse differences

-Fatigue issues on either





I appreciate the input of those who have personally been prescribed it.

Thank you
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