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Ritalin (methylphenidate)

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Old 01-02-15, 02:36 PM
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Re: Share your Ritalin Success Stories

same here I drink tons of water now
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Old 02-12-15, 03:08 PM
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Re: Share your Ritalin Success Stories

Ritalin (Sandoz 10mg "Motiron"*2, 2 to 3 times a day) has helped me overcome the immense inertia associated with doing virtually any of the things I want to do. I live for learning and my go-time is usually eight to ten in the morning and after that, I used to burn out. I was zapped of all energy and the impetus necessary for me to pick up my favourite book or study etc. would be so incredibly massive that it held me back since my early teenage years. Since I've been on Ritalin, now for a short while, I'm able to 'realise my daily potential', as in I find myself no longer irrationally hindered from initiating myself and engaging in meaningful, productive behavior. It conflicts with my imaginative capacity, but this is where I can choose to lay off the medication for some periods, let my mind wander, restart my medication intake and brings the ideas and wishes to FRUITION. It is not a 'wonder drug' in my book, indeed no substances are, but the peace of mind, impulse control and focus that Ritalin provides me with is so invaluable, it very genuinely almost brings me to tears when I think about it.
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Re: Share your Ritalin Success Stories

Got started this week on 10mg ritalin 2-3 times per day.
First time I am using medication to deal with my ADD.

I was not getting anything done at work. Even though I have an enjoyable job I just would not get past writing my to-do-lists.
Action is necessary to actually perform at the level I should be performing, get things done and have a clear(er) mind and focus. I struggled to keep up in complex work conversations because of the constantly wandering mind.
Dry mouth and the crashes when it wears off are the downsides for me.
Crashes mean I get very tired, depressed and angry (The anger is not in my nature whatsoever normally). Also loss of appetite but that is less of an issue right now (I still eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, just tend to skip the fruit in between meals occasionally).

I feel calmer and I really focus on things. In fact I think I go from 1 hyperfocus into another but I'm not 100% sure about that.
Right now I do still get started on non-work related things while at work (like writing this blogpost). But I do focus on 1 thing at a time now. Before I would be able to read 1 blogpost before clicking to another tab in my browser to read a paragraph there and go back again.

I have gotten more work done, an acceptable amount each day at least.
During meetings and work-related conversations I feel like I can think much more clearly and express my thoughts much better. I understand complex scenarios people talk to me about immediately and I can actually focus the entire time during a 1 hour meeting with colleagues.

Now what?

The positives are exactly what I was hoping for. The negative side-effects are severe but for now I am more than willing to accept them. Throughout the years the ADD issues were becoming an increasingly bigger problem for me (first during student years and later at work) and this made me increasingly more depressed. (Even though my private life has been nothing but an upward spiral the past years).

It is my intention to not use medication on weekends and only use my medication on working days to actually get work done. In my private life I tend to be extremely chaotic and 'lazy' as well but thanks to a very structured partner and the systems I/we have in place at home, I do function at a perfectly fine level and we get things done.

1. I do worry that almost everyone in this thread has at one point or another stopped medication (and started it back up again later) and I wonder why that is? (Does anyone care to explain?)

2. Is there anyone who consistently used the same dose over the course of years and not felt the need to increase to get the same results? Why do you think you can stick to a consistent dose? Is it because you take structural off-days (Like I intend to do on weekends?)

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Old 03-09-16, 01:46 AM
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Re: Share your Ritalin Success Stories

I've been on stimulant therapy for about 6 years and have used Vyvanse, Ritalin IR, Concerta, and Adderall. Right now I'm on a combo of Concerta 36 in the am, with a 10 mg Ritalin IR booster in the pm.

Vyvanse was a smooth med, long-lasting, with little dosage control. Side effects were mild, if at all noticeable. My dose tended to crap out around 2 pm after taking my morning dose at 6 am. Pdoc at the time didn't prescribe "boosters." I switched due to the early crash and lack of dosage control. Hyperfocus and mild palpitations were occasional side-effects. Impulse control and mental clarity were fantastic.

Ritalin IR on its own worked OK, but with too many peaks and valleys, along with the annoyance of having to dose three times a day. Sometimes I would forget the second am dose, and it would screw my dosing schedule up. Ritalin is like the lightweight of pharmaceutical stimulants, peppy as a strong cup of joe, but lasts longer and is far less jittery. Mild heart palpitations are a common and annoying side effect, along with some occasional crazy hyperfocus. Mental clarity is decent. It requires a bit of mental discipline to work with the drug. It can make you very focused and driven, yet all your focus can be wasted on something non-productive.

Adderall IR was like a kick in the ***. Plenty of pep and motivation, with the most pronounced effect on my blood pressure, along with more frequent palpitations. Adderall made my mind fire super laser beams of focus; I had to make sure I aimed that focus in the right direction. It was easily the most motivating stim I've taken for pharmaceutical purposes. Mental clarity was okay, there wasn't a terrible improvement in that area. But I sure wanted to get stuff done! Again, it had the IR dosing drawbacks that Ritalin IR had. The crash was a *****, evening workouts were mandatory to smooth it out. Plus, the inconsistency - MY GAWD, the inconsistency! BARR was absolute crap - some days I'd get no effect all; other days I'd want to crawl out of my skin! I had to find a pharmacy that stocked only CorePharma brand Amphetamine. Even then, I'd have off days. Amphetamine tolerance builds fast, even with weekend holidays. I'd have to take an occasional two-break to rebuild sensitivity.

And finally, my experience with Concerta/Ritalin IR combo. I had taken Concerta by itself before, but my pdoc at the time wouldn't prescribe boosters. Concerta by itself craps out early, around 1 pm, with a 6 am dose. Concerta had all the benefits of Ritalin IR described above, with a longer duration of effect. Fortunately, my current pdoc is very open-minded and research-based when it comes to prescribing stims for ADHD. He had no problems starting me on a regimen of 27 mg Concerta in the AM with a 10 mg IR booster in the PM. I recently crept up to 36 mg Concerta, after taking the 27 mg for over an entire year.

I'll stress that I ALWAYS take weekend/non-workday holidays from my Rx, which is approved my pdoc. I've avoided a lot of the tolerance-buildup problems that non-holiday stim users have.

So far, in terms of convenience, long-term risks and side-effect profile, the Concerta/IR combination has been safest and most benign of my stim experiences yet. In terms of controlling ADHD symptoms, it's been moderately good. Vyvanse was stronger, but the lack of dosage control sucked. Also, I got some of the side effects I had with IR Adderall, albeit less severe. Ritalin has been super-consistent in terms of daily effects. "Off-days" due to a bum pill are very rare in my experience with Ritalin. Ritalin is as benign at Tylenol at therapeutic dosages, and also sports some neuroprotective effects. Ritalin can even improve brain function over time. It also doesn't affect my blood pressure as strongly as Adderall/Vyvanse does. Concerta/IR is a nice compromise between"one pill a day" convenience and the dosage control of IR. Having to take only two pills a day is a lot easier to remember than having to take three pills a day, and I get coverage throughout my workday. The comedown happens around 5 pm to 5:30 pm, which I deal with by working out at the gym. I sleep really well on most nights, something I didn't always do with Adderall/Vyvanse.
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Re: Share your Ritalin Success Stories

The ring of fire ADHD is a made up assumption from someone called Dr Daniel Amen.

ADHD is caused by lower levels of dopamine transporters and fewer receptors in the NAC the reward centre of the brain.
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Old 03-21-18, 10:19 AM
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Re: Share your Ritalin Success Stories

My doc just switched me from Vyvanse to Ritalin. I'd LOVE to give a story, but there is now a shortage and I cannot get the damn Rx filled. Pharmacies I call will not disclose whether or not they have it in stock either. Frustration is an understatement
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