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Old 02-07-18, 10:50 AM
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What worked for me (sweets) to solve my insomnia and sleeping issues

I speak from personal experience only- no stats or sources to cite. Just my own personal research and plan. Someone asked me to start this thread so if you fall asleep reading this then maybe I helped! LOL

All my life I suffered with horrible insomnia/early waking. At first I labeled it as a night owl- except I wouldn't sleep half the day away to make up for it. I would wake up not too early but by the well published mandated hours you're supposed to get- I wasn't getting enough sleep. I also have bipolar II so it was easy to blame that on the insomnia. The thing is, in a manic phase I would start all these projects like scrubbing the oven organizing the filing cabinet- stuff like that and never finish it and leave a mess once I came down. The insomnia was like a slow painful death. Beyond boredom. No amount of TV or reading helped. Back in the day there were no cell phones and the internet was a baby so it was literal hell. That's part of the reason I think I turned to alcohol. (whole other story for another time)

I have had the same psyche for 17 years and have taken for sleep at different times: Ambien, Sonata, Restoril, Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Trazodone, Remeron, Seroquel, lunesta and their may be one I'm missing. All of the ones before trazodone had that addictive strain and even before I was an alcoholic, I misused them in the sense that I would pop one to take a nap, pop two if one didnt work..and I started to dig the way I felt. Thank god at the time I was cognizant enough to realize that having your husband keep you from falling up the stairs and putting you to bed like a zombie wasn't good for my marriage, or my sex life. I gained a ton of weight with the seroquel and this was before my Gastric bypass so I was already over 200lbs.

About...6-7 years ago I finally went for a sleep study cause drugging the problem didn't solve the problem. Here is what they found:
First of all I sleep talk and move a lot when I am in REM. I have been known to sleep walk although not at that time. Ironically I went to sleep no problem there (of course it would work out that way) but the info they learned from my brain was invaluable. We have waves in our brains- I don't know what all of them are but the doctor broke it down like this: Alpha waves are active brain waves. They are firing when we are thinking stuff through, planning, working on stuff. Delta waves are the deep sleep ones the ones you pass through rem to get. I forget what the Rem ones are-maybe the same or maybe beta? Anyhow. When I was dreaming or in deep sleep- my alpha waves were active. SO I'm supposed to be in that dead to the world sleep and yet my brain is still in "thinking" mode. Its not like there were no deltas just both was very unusual. The basic diagnosis and theory was that whole latent sleep phase thingy and that I wasn't getting the right amount of restful sleep or Rem sleep.

Now this big fancy doctor had a plan- First- 3mg of Klonopin to drug me to sleep early! I was a drooling stumbling mess. I did that twice and was like no way. Her next plan- Double the dose of sonata because it has a short half life. Drug me to sleep early and then when I woke up at 2am bright eyed and bushy tailed, drug myself back to sleep.

It just didn't add up for me. The whole idea of seeing her was to find a solution. If I wanted sleep meds I have a psyche for that. Let me quantify by saying I have nothing against ANYONE who takes sleep meds or needs them. We are all different. It just wasn't what I wanted to do. And TBH I think there probably is a subset of the sleep med population that could learn what I did and get off the meds too but I'm no doctor, just a smart as* sweets on a forum.

I stopped seeing the sleep doc and did my own research. Despite sleeping being a biological, physiological need, its also a habit. Its a habit that serves a purpose but as humans with mental illness, we can easily overcome the need and find something else more important or worrisome, or anxiety provoking to keep us from sleeping.

You know how old people get up super early? Its been proven that they need less sleep and they still operate just fine. The stats tell you over and over you need 7-9 hours but they don't take into account sleep problems or aging. Basically I have an old woman's brain.

So what did I do?
Every single day using alarms I went to bed within the same window of time (10p-12a) and every single day I woke up in the same window of time (4a-6a). Using a window still gives you flexibility. In the beginning when I would push that window to going to bed at midnight and laying in bed til 2- I still got up with my alarm. Yes I did. The most important thing for your circadium rhythm is consistency, habit and routine. Some nights I would fall asleep at midnight but wake up at 4. Some nights my alarms worked perfectly 10p to 4a. Some nights I would wake up at 2. When you can't fall asleep and wake up too early; after giving yourself a half hour you need to leave the bed. No lights, a pee and glass of water maybe, but find another place to lie down like a recliner or couch. Our minds are important for sleep and easily associate troubles with locations (like pavlovs dog almost), so its important to change the locale but not the habit.

It took me 9 months. 9 months! I have never done anything that consistently for that long but I was desperate. And then one week it went smooth- then the next week smooth and now I am like clockwork. I tend to post the most between 4-5 or 6 cause I'm up and its nice and peaceful and I adore my time. Do not dare get up and F with my morning time and everyone here knows it. When I climb into bed I read for maybe 20 minutes, and I'm out. I always set an alarm cause I'm not perfect but I rarely need it. It usually startles me because I'm already awake making coffee.

That's another thing. No caffeine past 3pm. I lived on caffeine cause of the sleep problems and thought I was one of those people who could drink a pot of coffee at 10 and go to sleep by 12. Not after the Sweets sleep training program. I made that mistake a few weeks ago with unsweetened tea and paid the price.

In all seriousness- people have lots of troubles. No one should ever feel bad or less then, for needing sleep meds- or any meds. I encourage people to try my way if they think they want to ween off but I am no guru. I'm just a girl with a lucky roll of the dice-theory that happened to work. I just know that it was hard and I call myself the sleep-nazi now- I do not deviate. Of course there are occasions where I'll be out late- but that alarm is set anyway because my circadium rhythm loves the consistency and is willing to deal with a day of less sleep.
I function at my absolute best when I get 5-6 hours. I've taken cognitive tests so I'm not making that up. But its very individual.
I can tell you with certainty that a long 4 hour nap on a Saturday will not make up for a week of shi**y sleep. It takes your body a week to reset.

So that's my story. Sorry for the length but someone asked me about it.

President of the No F's given society.

I carried a watermelon?
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Re: What worked for me (sweets) to solve my insomnia and sleeping issues

Thank you for sharing this story. Do you know if your brain waves issue is common for people with ADHD?

I also have had insomnia my whole life, I wake up after a few hours of sleep or wake up early. And you are right, it's so boring just to lay there. Ambian and all those sleep meds don't work for me. Belsomra worked for me but it made me have this crazy hyperactive episode the next day, not good! I take 1mg klonopin when I wake up, that works. I've been doing that for years.

I imagine your plan would work for me but I honestly don't know what I would do after dinner. I get bored watching TV and I don't want to work more because I already work too much and don't need to stimulate my brain like that before bed. Online shopping sounds like a bad idea too what do you do?
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Old 02-10-18, 01:04 PM
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Re: What worked for me (sweets) to solve my insomnia and sleeping issues

Thanks for telling your story. I play with a sleep headband that measures my rem, alpha etc. Its fun to log the sleep pattern and make notes about what is working for me or how I feel based on the sleep quality.

Sleep is fascinating.

I think I'm going to take a nap!

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Old 02-15-18, 04:53 PM
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Re: What worked for me (sweets) to solve my insomnia and sleeping issues

My husband often has problems in order to fall asleep. He can lie in bed until 3 am and not sleep. It really irritates him. In the morning, he is usually in a bad mood. This often happens because of stress at work. Recently I made him go to the doctor. The doctor prescribed special pills for him. They help to cope with a lack of sleep, and also recommended writing a diary before bedtime to get rid of thoughts. Meditation before bedtime and a hot bath help me if I cann't fall asleep.

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Re: What worked for me (sweets) to solve my insomnia and sleeping issues

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. I’m going to try it.
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