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Smile Re: Do you tell people you have ADD?

My first post and boy can I talk to this point...

I am 32 and up until 2 years ago had told only my girlfriend of 7 years and my mother. Not even my sister knew...It's never been an embarrassment but just the unknown of how it is perceived on the the other end. If I meet someone that tells me they have ADHD I question it simply because it is so over-diagnosed so how can I expect better of others.

So this past year I have been applying for my MBA at multiple schools all in the top 25 and many in the top 10 in the country so I had to explain many things as they scrutinize every single grade and aspect of the application. I mean you can not simply gloss over the fact it took 5.5 years to graduate undergrad? Why I took Business Calculus 4 times? How I got a .79 my freshman year? Why did he fail 1st and 2nd grade? How did he get a 380/800 on the GMAT (required entrance exam--like the SAT's for high school kids--the average is around 690 for these schools)?

They give you between 3-5 essays answering questions like "In 1,500 words or less describe your biggest failure and what you've learned from it." So I went for it and explained everything...I didn't blame anything but rather illustrated the point that I had the first 19 years of my life undiagnosed and how all those things they saw as a negative were in reality the things that allowed me to excel.

It worked and I got 2 offers out of 10...I also got rejected within minutes (literally) from a few schools.

So I guess my point is that if you are going to tell, make sure the person you are telling has the ability to understand that all people are different and bring different things to the table. If you have a manager that in private condemns his boss because she is a woman, I would keep my mouth shut. Also, if you are having issues and ADHD can explain the issues--don't simply blame ADHD but explain why it may appear as one thing but in reality be another and how the other person can perhaps help you.

Also, it can really tell you volumes about people. My girlfriends parents just couldn't understand why it was taking so long for me to get into a school so I said just tell them it takes 12 weeks longer because I am applying for extended time due to ADHD...They visited last week and just couldn't understand why my girlfriend carries my credit cards, keys and phone in her purse...To explain the rate I go through the 3 of them when left to my own devices would fall on deaf ears and now I know that...

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