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Originally Posted by livinginchaos
His "secret" to me was - understand the information so you could teach it to someone (if you had to). LOL - so, I talk to myself a lot more lately!!
Studying this way has cut down my studying time!
I wish I knew this when I was in undergrad. . . . .

What studying methods are best for you?
that bit i knew but taking the time to do the work was my problem as i said before

but i have found a solution for me anyway =-))
i talked to friends who find it easy to study about not being able to study at home
and none of them can do it either
they study at the librery in the quiet study areas
one told me he does about 90% there and has a hard time doing the other 10% at home.
as he has to cook for his girlfriend and clean.

so i have tried that
i do it on one of the tables so it is an open area not a corral desk
this way there are little distractions
(like russian girls walking by
in tight jeans and high heeled boots)

i have to study and stay at the table as security freaks if you leave bags lying around, (terrorism).

and this way i have the time to do the work
in a place where i pretty much have to work, i cann't get distracted for more than a minute or two.

and that sort of distraction is good as you then refocus on what you are doing.

One other thing if i am in a long class and i find myself fading i go to the john and walk a quick circle through the hall, then i am still focused.
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