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Re: Anafranil or Venlafaxine?

@Fuzzy12, I'm not looking relief from depression, since I'm not depressed at the moment. I'm looking relief for ADHD symtoms so I'm sorry to hear it did nothing for your ADHD. I thought Effexor was worth a try since Anafranil is quite similar and I did (quite) good while I was on it but I will consider also Cymbalta in the future.

@Abi, I tried Wellbutrin in the past but it made me nuts. A bad hypomaniac episode (not fun at all by the way). I developed also prostatitis while I was on it and it never passed. For some reason I don't do very well on dopaminergic meds. I think SNRIs fit better with my type of ADHD (I tend to overfocus and get stuck rather than being pure inattentive).

Anyway, today I started 10 mg of Anafranil. It helps with concentration for the very first moment as it usually does but I everytime I'm on it (and SSRIs) I feel disconnected from the rest of the world and I devolep an "I don't care" attitude which I don't like very much. Can anyone else relate?
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