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I feel like this all the time - like other people were just BORN knowing things that I still haven't figured out. (What FLY Lady calls "Born Organized.") It makes me feel like everyone else has "grown up" and "gets it" and I'm just faking my way through. (I'm 37.)

I have bought so many books and haunted so many Web sites, including the ones mentioned above and others. In addition to FLY Lady, Jeff Campbell and the ADD Friendly Organizing, I also really like Julie Morgenstern's "From the Inside Out" (Organizing and Time Management) books.

Not that I've managed to fully implement any of them, but I keep trying! What seems to work best for me is the a la carte method - pull pieces from each that make sense to me and my life.

Getting Things Done by David Allen is also somewhat helpful (primarily for work not home) - although at least for me, it is sometimes too detailed and specific for me to follow through with consistently.

I'll be very interested to see other recommendations!
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