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Re: Duloxetine+methylphenidate (Never try!)

Originally Posted by Lunacie View Post
Interesting. My doc switched me from Zoloft to Cymbalta early this year.
Meanwhile I've halved my daily dose of Omega 3 fish oil, which I take for adhd,
because it's a blood thinner and I've been getting a lot of purpura on my arms.
Those are blood bruises under the skin.

I was a bit worried that my adhd symptoms would worsen due to the decrease
in Omega 3, but perhaps the Cymbalta (duloxetine) is making up the difference.
Do you take any med (especially stimulants) with cymbalta? And what's your cymbalta dose?
Born in 1989. Treated for major depression and anxiety since 21 yo.
Tried almost all of SSRI's (none of them worked)
Predominantly inattentive adhd, diagnosed in 2018.
Started with ritalin (worked only for two weeks)
Also tried wellbutrin and strattera
Now: ritalin and medikinet
For about three years local corticosteroid pomades for atopic dermatitis.
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