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Re: Duloxetine+methylphenidate (Never try!)

Originally Posted by Lunacie View Post
Drugs dot com does list Cymbalta (duloxetine) and Ritalin, as well as Concerta,
as being contra-indicated because of nervous system side effects.

Since both Ritalin and Concerta are forms of MHP (methylphenidate) it's a bit
surprising that the doc prescribed them both together. Especially if 54 mg of
Concerta was the starting dose. The usual Concerta starting dose is 36 mg.
I have already been taking concerta 54 mg almost for one year. It's not starting dose. Doctor added duloxetine subsequently.
I talked doctor about that and asked him if these are contra-indicated. He said maybe. He said every drug may work in different ways for each of people, two plus two isn't four every time in medicine.
I'm ok with my doc in general but sometimes i lost my reliance, confidence on doctors. Maybe i would have died if i had used drugs how they were prescribed.
Born in 1989. Treated for major depression and anxiety since 21 yo.
Tried almost all of SSRI's (none of them worked)
Predominantly inattentive adhd, diagnosed in 2018.
Started with ritalin (worked only for two weeks)
Also tried wellbutrin and strattera
Now: ritalin and medikinet
For about three years local corticosteroid pomades for atopic dermatitis.
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