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Re: Choosing the Right Treatment

I put my 5 year old son on 18 mg of concerta when he was diagnosed. Worked like a dream at first for a few months, then I noticed he started getting more irritable when on it and the crash when it wore off was bad too. Switched him to Adderall (10 mg). This was much worse, made him agressive and angry. Was starting to wonder if he was bipolar. Did my own little experiment and took him completely off meds for three days while I was home with him and the anger disappeared, he was angry consisitently every day before. Now I have cut the dosage in half (5 mg) and am waiting to see the outcome. Thinking the dose of Adderall was too high perhaps. Such a delicate dance trying to find the perfect medication and dose or combination of meds but I remain hopeful that I can get him to a good place...
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