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Re: Controversial Treatments for Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disord

Thank you Stacy Long!!! I also did my research and decided to do alernative therapies with my son. I was not going to put toxic pharmaceuticals in his young body with all those side affects and toxify his young liver at such a young age.

I found that diet, food sensitivities, adding lots of fresh fruit and veggies to his diet, Homeopathy, detoxifying him and his colon, taking probiotics, some supplements and a few vitamins, and especially auriculotherapy worked wonders for him. He is no longer add/adhd. He is a sophomore in high school, has never been on a "special" plan like a 504 in school, is taking regular classes AND AP classes to boot and a B grad point.

Everyones body is different and what works for one person is different from another person, which is why one supplement or vitamin works for one person and not another. You just need to figure out what YOUR body needs.

When he was born he ended up with 10 days of ampicillin and genamiacin (not sure of spelling). This anti-biotics killed the bacteria, including the good bacteria in his gut which is why we did the colon therapies to clean out the bad bacteria that had built up in his colon, and added the probiotics ( good bacteria) back into his body, but we did not figure this out until he was in 6th grade. It made such a huge difference that within 2 weeks 2 teachers and a principal commented on how improved he was. I did not need a scientific study to know that this worked for MY child.

I hope this helps. feel free to contact me.
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