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Re: Pulling All-Nighters?

So, yeah... I have had a lot of experience with the putting things off until last minute thing. I only got meds this year but that has helped with it a lot. I try to say that when I get home I am going to do this but then I get home and say tonight. Then at night I say to myself just another chapter (reading) or another post and then I will start my work and then I go to bed. I just keep putting it off until the last second... I pulled my 1st all nighter ever 4 weeks ago (I never would have been able to do so withought my meds keeping me awake and focused!!!) and decided to not do so again. So I got 2 different apps that help. The first is SPACE it will monitor my time on my phone and I can set goals and compare my time to other people and try to minimize the time spent on my phone instead of doing hw. The second is Forest. You set how long you are going to work for and hit start and a plant will start to grow. Then if you go out of the app b4 the time is up the plant dies. I use this to give me at least a bit of motivation. (These apps may not work for you but try them they help a bit...) I also try to take the time given in classes or during lunch to already have all the research done for a paper that I need fo write so when it comes to the night I have to write it I just have to write it and I know the topic well enough that I have a basic outline in my head. but even with these things I am still where I am right now... I have around 14 hours left until my research paper (that I have not written a word for) is due and a test on 5 chapters in Bio in about 10 hours (that I have not studied for at all and been absent for most of). I can only work for about 8 hours more but I am still here on my phone doing nothing...

What I think is my biggest problem when it comes to getting things done is motivation but I just dont know how to be motivated to do hw even though I have tried...

Yes I realize that my post thingy probably has nothing to do with what stuff above does and goes way off track but hey that is just the way I am!!!
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