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Re: Pulling All-Nighters?

I despised all-nighters, but they were a very necessary part of student life for me. It baffled and bemused me how well I'd end up doing as a result. I often thought to myself 'if I'm capable of achieving grades like that under such severe time constraints and stress imagine how well I could do if I somehow managed to get to work on my assignments as soon as they were assigned!' If I ever go back to higher education I'm going to use all of the information/techniques that I learnt from my most recent attempt. It amazed me how efficient my housemates were and it seemed so easy for them as they consistently scored good grades during the 2 years we lived together. We would often form workgroups especially leading up to and during exams, which really helped me. All belonging to the School of Biology determined that we had certain classes together so we were usually able to help each other if we were stuck.
I just wish I'd known from the start that I was ADD and that I'd been able to have medication to afford some kind of assitance. I went for a test in my third year and the doctor diagnosed me moderately dyslexic so all of a sudden there was a considerable amount of help afforded me by the Uni's disability unit, but alas it came too late. Things like a note-taker in lectures, a digital voice recorder, extra time in exams, being able to take more books out of the library for longer periods of time, beneficial study strategies, access to disability facilities around campus, etc. Problem was I was already supposed to have made a start on my final year dissertation, so as you can imagine the stress was enormous!
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