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Re: Pulling All-Nighters?

Originally Posted by Gloralera View Post
At the moment I'm pulling all nighter not because I have exam tomorrow(it's actually day after tomorrow) but because I'm so freaking worried about my studies and future...
Bad grade here, missed class there, forget to do homework or group work and my gpa plummeted and it's got worse when trying to study. I'll probably sleep later today during the day and study night before exam and do it badly but what can you do, I try and try... And if I was to get some meds while facing with finals week or something like that I bet it would help, only if you could get them in my country and doctors knew what it was,
Wow you're pulling an all-nighter without the help of meds and for no apparent reason. That's a pretty impressive amount of slacking you got going on. The purpose of pulling an all-nighter is SUPPOSED to be to study or do schoolwork and therefore boost your grade. Try doing some of that while you're awake.
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