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Re: Pulling All-Nighters?

Originally Posted by Twinkies!! View Post
I've read that it is true that pulling an all-nighter right before an exam is bad. Has something to do with how sleep actually helps you to retain the memory of the stuff you just crammed. It would be better to cram but then still manage to get at least five or six hours of sleep before taking the exam.

Now, having said that, the story is completely different when you have a paper to write like I do... Have a research paper due by midnight tomorrow night and I haven't written a single word. Guess I'm going to have a LONG night ahead of me...
Yea, supposedly this is correct as far as pulling your standard variety all-nighters is concerned, but I happen to have a little assistance that comes in capsule form.

That brings up an interesting question: Would you learn/remember more by staying up all night on medication or by getting a good night's sleep and not taking any medication? I don't think any sleep deprivation studies have ever included the effects of amphetamines on learning/memory. What do you think?

Originally Posted by ILADHD View Post
I don't doubt at all it's better to not cram, but I sit at school 12 hours a day and don't read squat then the night before the test I have 200 pages to read.

I've tried and tried and tried but never ever learn.
Ha, at least you attempt to be productive. I don't even take out my textbook or look at my assignments until the day before they're due. I've embraced my inner procrastinator.

Originally Posted by Gunner View Post
It is the one day rule. No matter how much time is given on an assignment or paper people will still try and do it the night before. So really you always only have 1 day to do a paper no matter the length or subject. Unless I did not take my meds till the evening I would find it hard to do an all nighter. I don't believe in all nighters anyways 2am is usually the cut off for me.
The 1 day rule definitely applies to me too, but I don't ever have to write papers. I usually just have to do case studies or make some complicated excel spreadsheet or something.

I love pulling all-nighters, but I don't recommend starting because it's a bad habit to get into. I get so much stuff done when I pull an all-nighter, it makes me feel so productive.
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