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Re: Some improvement but follow through low

Originally Posted by MommingTooMuch View Post
I am hoping there are ways for him to do better time management/organization using tools. Are there any helpful apps or calendars that have worked for organization.
I just use ok google (apple should have an equivalent) and the native calender app. So I don't install anything that isn't already preinstalled in the phone.

So when I know I need to do something, the minute I need to do it, I just say "ok google, remind me to do my homework on Monday at 2 pm", or I say set an appointment for ..., if I want to set an appointment time for a meeting instead (this gives a range of hours and sends notifications in advance).

It doesn't really matter what app I think, it's just getting into the habit of programming it right away when someone tells you something you need to remember (though I feel like spoken commands are way easier).

Another idea is amazon's echo. You could get this for yourself to listen to music and it can do a lot of other things besides that. Gives you the excuse of getting him to use it cause you already got it for yourself anyway. It works pretty much the same way as a phone reminder/calendar app I think. My only concern is that your husband won't want you hearing his reminders out loud though I think it's beneficial for you to hear it at the same time as him so you feel comforted you don't have to remind him yourself (or you can know he did get the reminder).
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