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Some improvement but follow through low

In furthering my therapy I am gaining better control and understanding of my role in the adhd marriage experience. I have unknowingly been the co-creator of ongoing battles that create adrenaline/cortisol surges for dear adhd husband. His whole life he seems to have thrived on the intense surges of fight/flight that are created by constant procrastination or lack of planning.

I understood none of this before and am just getting familiar with the high stim form of adhd.

He is still on the medication and that has really helped. I am convinced that therapy and other resources/tools would benefit him. He continues to back himself into corners by not planning ahead or taking responsibility.

He has doubled his coffee intake and candy/pop intake since starting meds. At the same time he is now 4 months sober. The sobriety is huge for our family and is big achievement for him. He says he no longer feels the urge to drink. The urge to drink disappeared when he started the Adderall.

My question is how do I helpfully support/encourage him to start therapy and seek tools to help him better organize his time and thoughts. I don't want to anger him by "momming" and undermining his feelings of progress.

Are there any tools that have worked for you or your families?
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