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Re: Bupropion HCl and Amphetamine combination produces a neutral affect?

Edit: I didn't read michealbuth's post before typing the post below but I agree with his conclusions ( he got nice and technical lol and I was to lazy to go that indepth)

Also michealbuth will you post me your reference/s please i was looking for some that provide this sort of information

It weakly inhibits the uptake(not to be confused with reuptake) of dopamine and norepinephrine also which hasn't been mentioned yet.
(according to Glaxosmithkline, also i know that some sources indicate that it is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor as well but i could not find one where this is stated fast enough so below is based on glaxosmithkline's info)

It also is a reuptake inhibitor of norepinephrine(its actually one of the metabolites that do this)

So I say that it would synergistic effect with levo-amphetamines (causes significant increases in norepinephrine) but i would expect that
dextro-amphetamines(primarily increases dopamine levels) effectiveness to be slightly decreased due to the inhibition of dopamine uptake.

So i would assume that someone on adderall(contains l-amp and d-amp) may feel a prolonged effectiveness due to the decrease in NE reuptake.

But i would also assume that someone on dexedrine(d-amp) or desoxyn(d-methamp) would feel decreased effectiveness due to the decreased neuronal uptake of dopamine.

Also trust me... I'm a pharmacy student (first year) lol

i just wanted to say that because of the med student lol


Wellbutrin SR package Insert via GSK website

The Journal of Neuroscience, February 1995, 75(2): 1309-1317
Hippocampus Norepinephrine, Caudate Dopamine and Serotonin, and’
Behavioral Responses to the Stereoisomers of Amphetamine and
Ronald Kuczenski,’ David S. Segal,’ Arthur K. Cho,2 and William Melega

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