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Re: snri (pristiq) with desoxyn . kinda long but please look if u can help at all,tha

I didnt notice this in my first read.

"i dont want the euphoria or whatever else to make me an addict. i hear many get addicted to dex, and i barely take my klonopin as is for fear of addiction/dependence so to end this whole dibackle:"

I don't think you need to worry about that. I was questionable too and I looked up some facts. Desoxyn comes in 5mg tabs and I personally get 200 a month. That is a total of 1000mg which is 1 gram. I read and found out that some experienced street meth users are known to take up to 1 gram intravenously at once. (Which is insane) It said though that most people take in about 200mg when doing illegal meth recreationally. That is 40 desoxyn, I don't know about you, but I would never eat 40 of anything. You will probably feel a little euphoria the first few doses, but no more than you would get off taking adderall. Of all the meds I have taken it is definitely the one that makes me most dependent. Of course I'm dependent on adderall too when I come off of it, which just makes me aggravated and irritable for a few days. But Ive never taken adderall in the morning and thought "Gee maybe I should take some more" in a few hours. However, I do often feel this subliminally with desoxyn and then I realize it and wonder why I was even thinking that. Anyone considering desoxyn should definitely consider themselves responsible. It has been enlightening in the sense that I at least know to a basic point what meth is/does. I never ever done street meth much less even seen it, but I know for sure that I will never find myself struggling with that substance after taking a pure form in a therapeutic dose. Also keep in mind that there is a strong social stigma attached to methamphetamine. Even though I am prescribed and actually need these substances to function optimally, alot of people would probably not look at you the same way if you came out and said "I'm on meth" which is blunt, but you get the picture. You sound responsible judging from your post and you just want a "cure" like the rest of us. I dunno if everyone else kind of feels this same way about desoxyn, but theres another 2 cents from me. Now im rambling, damn desoxyn.


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