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Re: snri (pristiq) with desoxyn . kinda long but please look if u can help at all,tha


You have some very interesting feedback. First allow me to clear my situation. I have tried zoloft in the past when my mother passed away( broke out in hives). Now, fast forward 4 years later and I am doing much better but the anxiety that I suffer from is mainly situational , I am your classic adhd passive -aggressive poster child. That is , in my environment I am verbal and very talkative , but in other situations I am shy and quiet. Now, regarding the wellbutrin. The only reason that I have been on wellbutrin is that it doesn't really change my feelings but it allows me more so than not to focus on whats in front of me rather than daydreaming all day long and "ruminating about associative thoughts when I'm bored" , basically googling my life away at work about the nothings of the world , which is very boring and unproductive too , I might add. I am trying to ask you these questions because I took cymbalta and I felt better, but I could not really think or function properly after a few weeks. I became lazy and tired and out of it, not so good for classic adhd. I have some anxiety at times but really it is created out of boredom, yet still anxiety is anxiety I guess no matter what the trigger is. Wellbutrin lifts my depression, thats a cold fact , but at times at larger doses can trigger anxiety sometimes... Usually only physical symptoms though, which could be a by product of overtraining in the gym. Yet , regardless again of what the trigger is the fact is that it still is a problem and it holding me back from being my true self, other than that wellbutrin many times helps work as a baseline adjunct to help me focus all day. I am interested in the differences of pristiq and cymbalta and hope pristiq does not have the sedating effect. If cymbalta did not sedate me so much it would have been perfect for me , my depressive and insecure thoughts "related to adhd depression" and I could get right out of this fund at god speed. I would like to kill the anxiety and focus on whats important and just go about my business. If pristiq was perfect for me it would be like cymbalta without the sedation. Have you heard of cymbaltas sedative qualities, and if so does pristiq not have this ?
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