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Re: snri (pristiq) with desoxyn . kinda long but please look if u can help at all,tha

oh btw, i noticed your post in the adderall forum or dex forum, i forgot which it was, i was gonna tell you to look at it "Wellbutrin as culprit" or something liek that, but you actually responded to it and i think you said that not only did u not like wellbutrin but you wanted to stick with adderall or dex over concerta, but u didnt cuza wellbutrin....well with that in mind, and your general reaction to it, really man, get rida wellbutrin cuz it sounds like you really dont like it, and either get back that adderall, and like i said, if anxiety is a problem, i would try dexedrine instead first if uve already tried adderall. anxiety could be greatly reduced with an SSRI/SNRI addon and can give the brain some possible neuroprotection from the dexamphetamine which should be less anxiogenic than both MPH and addy.

then of course, the reason im posting here, there's desoxyn, which supposedly gives all the improvements of dex without any residual phsycial/anxieogenic stim at all, which might side step both my usage of klonopin and possibly pristiq (i think, the less meds the better personally, and if treating one symptom totally can lessen other problems, so be it), however, what i wanna eliminate at this point is klonopin.

but in all honesty, im so pleased with pristiq's general (subtle) affect on my entire mind, that id much rather stay on pristiq and dex together than to just get desoxyn alone, which is why i want to know if i can take pristiq or an SSRI/SNRI with desoyxn. if i cant, then i dont think id even try desoxyn at this point in my life, definitely down the line if my adhd becomes more the problem than depression or anxiety as i get older and more stablizied (mayb witha career and a family?> who knows)

anyway pristiq is more valuable, and more significant to my general well being and overall health (not to mention its not toxic at all, though amphetamine isnt toxic, it definitely is taxing) on top of the fact that it makes DEX work so much better and takes away any of my worries about neurotoxicity (even if its in my head), but i did mention that taking dex inthe prescence of pristiq was the best way ive taken ANY form of ANY ADHD drug, and the combination is all that i need right now.

NOw for some reason, NO ONE seems to post much here, at least they wont respond to my simple question of this combo, and i wish the moderator would edit the post or change the title as i requested to maybe get a reponse, but hey, wucha gonna do?

ill just ask my dr at some point anyway, like i said tho pristiq and dex works so well together that i dont really need to know now (my original post said that it really was for my future use and knowledge).

dont get me wrong: im not a pristiq rep at all lol. i actually would recommend you check out zoloft. speaking of which, someone asked a very similar question as you so ill post it here, since the idiot i replied to (The original poster of this particular thread) is just a drug seeking moron trying to see if he can get a meth tweak high if he combined an SSRI+Wellbutrin+Damphetmaine, which you cant, but hes an idiot who wasted my time in replying to him cuz i thought i could help, maybe you can get benefit HOLLYWOOD:

That combination is a bad idea. period. for many reasons, but heres my first post from the original thread:

that much wellbutrin with dex might be a bad idea, like possible seizure risk. i would definitely keep wellbutrin to a low dose, since its SR, i dont think u can split those pills. i would definitely ask for a lower dose, and that might require IR or XR....just lower the wellbutrin because the dex is doing almost the same thing at a much much higher potency.

the luvox sounds fine but there might be better meds for you as far as anxiolytic/antianxiety SSRI/SNRI's ill list this from another post:

SSRIs in my order of anxiolytic strength
#1 zoloft -can be activating with SLIGHT Dopamine reuptake
#2 paxil -slight Norepinephire reuptake which can acutally increase dopamine in freontal cortex but also sedating because of anticholinergic effect, so its like a very weak SNRI
#3 luvox -if zoloft doesnt work and u dont want slight sedation from paxil, id try this
#4 prozac -it can also slightly release Dopamine and norepinpehrine, but if your taking adderall, its negligble probably
(lexapro and celexa arent for anxiety, just depression)

SNRI = Pristiq. after all my research (including reading Stahl's Essential Pscyhopharmacology) and my own trials with a few of the ssri's, i think this is the best antidepressant/anti anxiety (anxiolytic) available. i would try this first before anything else seriously. one dose, 50mg, no titration. it worked for me within 3 days, i was amazed as SSRI's didnt too much for me after a whole month.

if your anxiety is really bad, adderall wont help much for that, but DEX can solve ur ADHD without much anxiety added to it.

If I were you, I would ask about Pristiq with Dex. Instead of taking wellbutrin and luvox, pristiq does what luvox does with more NET potency with a much lower dose than ur taking, and it also has some DRI properties of wellbutrin, but at a much lower level, which is better as i said anyway. its also only XR, so you take 1 antidepressant/antianxiety pill in the morning and all u gotta worry about is dex dosing.

pristiq and dex has been the best combo ive ever seen or tried. otherwise, try zoloft and dex.

Thats my opinion: forgot that combination, specifically LOSE the wellbutrin if ur gonna take amphetamines, i wouldnt do it myself because there are better combos out there and like i said you have a potential seizure/toxic event on your hads, and try what i said...

I would reschedule with your pdoc and change ur meds immediately. if you would like to read more on why i came to these conclusions, i highly recommend buying/renting but whatever way u get it, read Stephen Stahl's Essentials of Psychopharmacology. Once u get to the depression/antidepressant section, youll wanna stop taking that stuff too. really, see if u can fix up that regimine with your current doc ASAP,like dont wait a month, call him today. otherwise u should get another doctor, im very surprised that u were prescribed those things together. its risky.

hope this helps, good luck,peace
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