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Re: snri (pristiq) with desoxyn . kinda long but please look if u can help at all,tha

Also as far as honesty goes, im psychotic bipolar WITH Adhd, so im not necessarily always depressed, but my adhd makes me not be able to get anything done which is depressing and then my bipolar makes everything worse. I tried antipsychotics/mood stabilizers and i will never again, they are poison that should only be used to really dull down a psychotic individual who hurts others. on the other hand, i responded nearly instantly to pristiq. it is rather strange, but within days, the improvement was profound. what it lacked was the focus/concentration/motivation, as wellbutrin lacks (my father takes wellbutrin for depression, thinking it will help with energy and focus, but hes always disappointed).

First thigns first, i think wellbutrin is not a good drug if you have any anxiety whatsoever, drop wellbutrin. if by "worry thoughts" you mean anxiety or nervousness, lose wellbutrin. i would just lost it period. if u dont have anxiety tho, and the dpression is helped by wellbutrin, think about this.

Ritalin is an (N)DRI, but its more potent and shorter acting than wlllbutrin. wellbutrin structure is similar to amphetamine and ive read of overdose cases where people took grams of wellbutrin to get an amphetamine rush and they probably did so, but it was in the emergency room. wellbutrin at significant DRI levels can cause seizurs (450mg) Ritalin on the other hand doesnt do this, My point is one ritalin and wellbutrin do the same thing (almost) but ritalin is much better for AD/HD. its supposed to be for that. wellbutrin is an antidepressant for people who dont respond to SSRI treatment, which is common. wellbutrins not for adhd at all. its for atypical depression.

if ssri's dont work, SNRI's usually do the trick, and ndris are last call, but you didnt like cymalta. I would still suggest trying pristiq cuz honestly, its too awesome not too give it a shot, i really really recommend it highly. i was totally ANTI meds, but now that ive been on pristiq for a li while, i dont even care if i never get off. ANyway, since ritalin is an NDRI for ADHD, and wellbutrin is a weak NDRI,and i mean very weak DRI,most of it works on norepinphrine, lose wellbutrin and stick with ritalin. then add in pristiq for the antidepressant. or whatever else, but ritalin is what u need for ur smytpms.

now to be honest. i say screw MPH altogether, and get DEX. it took me 4 brands (about) and pill dose experiments to get it right, but after everything, dex 5mg barr is my answer. I really cant beleive i like taking my meds now, like i dont mind at all, i used to be like "oh man now im a drug addict addicted to amphetamine and antidpressants, my life is now only headed down", but now that ive adjusted to everything, ive never felt better. PRSTIQ is the KEY COMPONENT THO. It set up the correct evnironment for dex to work, and now i have my mood/functioning monamine nerotransmitteers in check....SNRI + DOPAMINE. MY depression is stablized with the pristiq, my mania is controlled by klonopin, and my adhd, mood, and functioing is topped off by dex.

plus no neurotoxcitiy with this combo (supposedly) as excess dopamine from amphetamine gets reuptaken into norepinphrine cells causing toxicity, and then some norepinpehrine can get sucked into serotonin causin SERT toxicity, so the SNRI keeps the pumps from getting screwed up, and i think pristiq's VERY VERY slight dopamine reuptake also keeps the dex in check. you know, i dont get any rushes like the euphoria that some people talk about. i just get focused, stable, and into what i gotta do.

i switch docs like i switch cell phone numbers (thats often btw). however, with this psych, i aint goin NOWHERE. hes excellent, excellent. truly a great doctor and i didnt think these kind of psychs existed, ive only had quacks up till this guy. by quack i mean:

dr "whats wrong with you?"
me.."i dont feel well and..."
dr...."ok, heres a sample and a prescription, call me if you need to ask a questions....".
me..."um ok, can i ask a quest-"
dr..."TRY THE PRESCRIPTION AND CALL ME IF THERES AN EMERGENCY..." with a nod and a glance towards the door

now of course not exactly. i wont get into therapists, but my first psycdoc at 15/16 that my parents brought me to asked me why i was there. iwas there cuz my parents dropped me off dick. from there, he should have taken control. first of all i didnt even know what anxiety or depression was, let alone the serious problem of adhd, so i told him i got nervous alot and that i had trouble sitting still in class. so then he asks ME which of my problems I wanted to treat, as if i knew what they were anyway. DUH i was 15/16, and hes askin me what i should do? hey doc maybe do your job and try to assess the situation and treat what you think is more problematic. Celexa didnt work, paxil didnt work, and i gave up with him and his SSRI nonsense.

on to pysch 2 at 19/20: within minutes of meeting her i could tell she was going to be aproblem. now i was also ****ed off at my parents for makin me go again, but someone had spread a rumor about me, my parents heard it and i was sent to make surei was OK! well a "freind" got caught with things that he shouldnt have had byhis parents, and since i was not cool with him (we had an argument and i didnt talk to him to the point that he got caught) he pinned it on me. now this kids father knows my uncle, so when he saw him he said hows your son, he says my sons fine, why do you ask, my uncle says "oh your son and my nephew are freinds", so this dick goes "no theyre not, my son would never hang out with a kid that does --------------", so my old school uncle was like WHAT and told my mom, my mom hears, calls upa psych, tells her what " i did" and i walked into a setup. i got ****ed because i knew what was goin on, answered in ways i shouldnt, and got bipolar right then and thre: SEROQUEL. well after 2 pills, that ended that experiment (PS i found out later that despite patientdr confidentiality, and iwas over 18, she was teellin my parents EVERYTHING and she included stuff in my file that wasnt true, such as the reason i was there which came from my parents mouth, and i had to confirm this and had to amke sure she took it out of medical records cuz that could be potentially a problem if it ever came out, and i told her id sue for malpractice if she didnt take it out, as i never said it and she heard it from my mother who heard it from my uncle who heard it on bad time again)

psych 3: now this guys a real winner. he was from china, and he could barely speak english. i mean simply verbs, nouns, and if your lucky, and adjective. no idea how to use prepositions or construct sentences. HE could count cash very well tho. so i walk in and within 3 minutes, he assures me i have adhd. now i already knew this, but he doesnt. four minutes into the "intake" he asks me "do you want ritalin or adderall?". im like wow, this guys nuts! well i was only familiar with adderall, and i didnt know anyone who took ritalin, so i said adderall...barr adderall. BIG MISTAKE. didnt try it again.

i looked up online, found out about dex (i googled something like "Adderall without side effects" or something like that) and a post from came up. it explained how dexamphetamine doesnt have the other 3 adderall salts and is much smoother,cleaner, and a better experience

i printed this out brought it in and told him i wanted to try this instead. he said he NEVER HEARD OF IT, perhaps the oldest amphetamine in the world and the classical prototype of stim meds. so he looks in his little (chinese/english) drug book, and finds dextroamphetamine, looks at what the book tells him to prescribe (10mg a day) and gives me that without hesitation. this took about 4 minutes.

i tried dextrostat and it was MUCH better. however, still not right. he wouldnt help any further, no anti depressants, no benzos, no alpha blockers, not even a valerian root or diphenhydramine suggestion.

psych 4: another asian dude, he spoke english though. i walked in and he said your bipolar. heres depakote and klonopin. well depakote is pretty much wors than bipolar and i didnt even take seroquel so that was that for that. klonopin however, stops my episodes or makes them very very downtuned. its enough of a sedative and mood stabilizer instead of using an antipsych. actually first line protocal is to give manic/schizos in the middle of episodes klonopin immediately (usually, they also sometimes use lorezepam or xanax, but kpin is #1) so i found something along the way again with this guy

revist to psych 3: i told him that i wanted to go back on dex and he wanted to be paid for an intake fee (keep in mind, i didnt see him in about 4 months) to reevaluate my adhd. i didnt know what he was talking about cuz his english is really unintelligble so i said well my insurance said they would pay for 10 visits, and ive seen you about three times, so i still have 7 left, so i dont see a problem. for the first time since i met him, he smiled and began his evaluation: "why did you stop treatment? why do you think you still have adhd? how did u function without the meds? why do you need them now?" after answering these basic questions that were useless, he said "ok i still think you have adhd, heres your prescription".....i said "wait, i wanted to know if u can help my anxiety issues as well and i told him that i saw a dr in the meantime and requestedzoloft and klonopin to help my anxiety and mood. i didnt take zoloft buti head it was greaet and i was open to a new ssri, and kpin was taking .25-.5mg a day, so were talking like NOTHING at all, no tolerancebuildup no addiction or habit formation, no problems and i brought the bottle with me. he said HAHAHAHA NO. only dex....then he called me th next daytelling me that my insurance wasnt going to pay a re-eval and he said i had to pay him immediately. i said i dint know what he was talking about and i called my insurance. they explained his nonsense, that he wanted 350 dollars (instead of the 150 regular appt fee for a 5 minute session, literally) cuz he needed to make sure i still had adhd, like it goes away. so i told them hes a quack, he did no reintake and he only saw me for 5 minutes before showing me the door, i said to them dont listen to him, and they said, we thought so , thank you and dont worry about the bill, well take care ofhim. they sent him the usual visit fee and he didnt like that, he wanted the 200 from me. he called harassing me (i dont know if it was english or chinese still) but i knew he wanted money so i told him he was trying to take advantage of me and my insurance, first of all not speaking properly so i wouldnt understand that he would need extra money (for no reason), and the i told him to take a hike. he got his 150 and i never heard from him again

psych 5: finally! this guy listens, he discusses options, he doesn judge, he observes and diagnosis, and each time i go, he has more to explain the diagnosis which he said is subject to change. FINALLY, someone who agrees that i possibly dont have bipolar (tho i may be psychotic). the pristiq stops my depression totally, i dont linger in the doldrums, even when i dont take klonopin or dex. and dex activates me. Ive read a lot on psychopharmacology, and i own a few books. Stephen Stahls' essentials of psychopharmacology is considered to be one of the best "well rounded" psych med books on the market, its not the best techncal resource, but its not the worst, and hes a great writer with very nice diagrams included. anyway, by reading this, i saw the relation between my conditions, and i was able to come up with a very intelligent design scheme that my dr, who asked to borrow my book lol, confirmed and agreed to try. I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER AND IVE NEVER MADE THOSE AROUND ME HAPPIER. (also he works hand in hand with my therapist, so im gettin 2 people to work on my meds so maybe that helps)

my girlfriend feels like im the old me again, my parents love my new found interaction and communciation with them, my professors have all said what a difference ive been making from the begining of the semester to the end, which was jsut now (and i have 6 months left before i get my Masters degree so im pleasd with that). I cant say i woulda been able to do it so easily or at all without trying these different drugs, READING AND EDUCATING MYSELF, and then finding an open minded doctor who not only cares, but is willing to learn from his patients.

Bottom line hollywood: DRop Wellbutrin, stick with ritalin, and supplement the antidepressant with something else. I highly recommend pristiq, followed by zoloft (prozac also has some interesting pharmacological properties as well, but those are my choice for SNRI and SSRI). If you havent tried strattera or robaxetine, you can check it out, but i wouldnt be too hopeful. my real suggestion would be to get pristiq + dex though, pristiq is 1 tablet XR in the morning, and i take 5mg barr pills, which are the only generic dex i would ever touch.

i hope this helps a little bit, and i said a lot so if u have any specific questions, hit me up or post or whatever

btw, i was just livin on the west coast for lil while b4 comin back to the city, where u at round hollywood? thats a crazy town man, crazier than here
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