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Re: snri (pristiq) with desoxyn . kinda long but please look if u can help at all,tha


I currently take concerta in addition to ( wellbutrin) the problem that I have is that I metabolize fast but as you know stress and daily ruminating can cause differentials in the way your body is metabolizing , so if I were relaxed I may actually require a lower dose of time released ritalin. I hope to trial adderall xr with ir dexedrine eventually but I self assess so much now it's ridiculous and find myself always going back to concerta. Wellbutrin helps lift my depression and brings back motivation but it doesn't assist my worry thoughts that are routine on the job. While I'm at work I feel tired and fatigued, when I'm not at work I do not feel any fatigue. Additionally, while I was on cymbalta I felt happier about life, but I felt sleepy and lazy as well... it kind of put in me in a tough position because my adhd was a bit worse temporarily. I need to break out of this circle and stick with a med that will help me relax, not think based on emotion and just let my meds work without consuming myself with why can't I get out of this job and move on with my life and become smart once again. Wellbutrin helps , but a piece of the puzzle is still missing and it's annoying the crap out of me. From what I hear pristiq is similar ? So, has it helped you tremendously? The good thing about having adhd is alot of times we are not truly depressive types , but if we do get mentally stuck stimulants can cause us to ruminate about the things that are bothering us, and that is where I am currenlty. I appreciate your feedback
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