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Re: You know your child is ADHD when...

When you leave a new set of cloths out for your 6 yr old son .. he dresses himself and even has his shirt on the right way (which never happens) so you are feeling extra happy at the ease of the morning routine this moring. At the end of the day it's jammie time and when he undresses, you notice he not only put on his new underwear, he didnt take off the old! He put the new underpants on right over the old ones!

When you leave your 7 yr old son to finish his homework and go back to check on him 10 minutes later and not one more single question was answered, but there is now a lovely drawing of Mom and Tyler, complete with big muscles, covering the whole entire page!

Or, you check your son's backpack for papers and homework and find a note from the teacher that says "Tyler misplaced his bookbag. Please look for it at home!" but the note is IN the bookbag!

"Mumma" ...
"Mummaaa" .....
"Tyler, come into this room if you want to talk to me, I can't hear you out there."
He walks into room "Ummm.... I forgot what I was going to say!"
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