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Re: Drinking When Bored

You don't say how much you drink when you do. But drinking everyday is not really normal is it. And you have cravings.

I'm really surprised you don't drink during the week after work, if you drink everyday in the school holidays, but alcoholism is a progressive illness and it creeps up on you.

We like to think everything is more enjoyable and less boring with alcohol, but is it really? Do you drink at home and on your own? Do you feel guilty about your consumption? Do you try to hide it? Do you regret it in the morning?

It's like when something is happening, a few beers make it less boring. A football match on TV? Have a few beers and enjoy it more. I used to think I drink through boredom or it helps me get to sleep. I used to think I self medicated with beer because of the years I thought I had adhd and wasn't diagnosed for it. But when I was diagnosed and on medication, I still liked a few beers. I exercised for an hour everyday, it does help stem the need for too much beer like you said. But I still drank afterwards.

I've been drinking nearly everyday for many years, I'm 43. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease in September 2018 and that still hasn't stopped me drinking. I was functioning, I went to work everyday until I was able to work from home in 2009, big mistake. But I'm starting to make serious inroads in my problem to stay on this Earth a bit longer.

Everyone is different and I don't begin to presume you're anywhere near where I am. But it really creeps up and you and there is a sinister, inner voice giving excuses to have a beer. Why don't you just stick to weekends, if you feel you can moderate in that way, even on the school holidays. Also, there's help in every community in the world, including Hong Kong I bet. Good luck.

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