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Re: Complicated Situation

Originally Posted by bothandneither View Post
I have not thought about trying that. Yes he did. I do submit to random drug tests now because of probation, but it doesn't differentiate between meth and amphetamines. One at the drug testing place must though. I'll send him an email and see what he says. Great idea thank you so much.
Yeah, I'm no chemist, but there are definitely ways to distinguish between different stimulants (meth, Adderall, Vyvanse, etc), but those tests are probably somewhat more expensive. If your doctor decides that Vyvanse is medically necessary for treating your ADHD, then I'd imagine that your probation team would have the responsibility of administering proper forms of the drug test to distinguish.

Also, do you have any people in your life who can serve as an advocate for you (parents, partner, friends, pastor, etc)? Maybe you could offer to have the advocate store the Vyvanse for you and watch you as you take your Vyvanse each morning.

Also, at the very least, you already have ADHD officially diagnosed on your medical record, and you can transfer that to future doctors. Granted, the future doctor would probably also see your history of substance issues, but my guess is that as long as you can show that you're serious about staying clean, you should be fine.

Do you have the ability to access a psychotherapist? You seem to have a lot of emotional baggage (no judgment, most of us do as well!). They can also help you figure out how to best approach your psychiatrist. Make sure to get one who actually believes in adult ADHD, though. Also, see if there are any local CHADD chapters in your area.
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