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Complicated Situation

I was arrested two years ago for distribution of MDMA. First offense, DF4.

Maybe a year before that I started taking vyvanse and had moved to (smoking) meth by the time of sentencing. I got 2 years probation. My tests came back hot and I said it was vyvanse and they let it go.

I was unable to keep the truth hidden (it was stupid of me I know, but who was gonna believe meth was helping my mental state dramatically?)

My probation was extended 6 months and I am totally clean now and will be terminated in February.

I don't mind waiting till then to try and get a prescription for Desoxyn but I'd rather not waste 4 months lying in bed watching netflix. I am and was severely depressed and meth helped. It had nothing to do with my arrest but it has been impossible getting anyone to believe me.

Any advice would be helpful. I'm pretty sure I should just wait till February which is ok with me.

Will I have a problem getting a prescription for Desoxyn? I'd rather have it legal and regulated than not. Will I show up on some sort of database? (once I finish probation the charge will drop to a misdemeanor)

I can't tell if the people posting here are going to see psychiatrists or GP's. Which ones are more understanding?

I can't help that methamphetamine pulls me out of my depression enough to actually be productive, and I know i've been a complete idiot in many ways, but it makes me even sadder than I can't get this substance that dramatically increases my quality of life. I doubt I'll be on it forever, I just need help to get through this rut.
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