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Re: A must read Seasonal Affective Disorder

My experience...

I went to an endocrinologist back in december to see if there was an underlying issue they could help me find that seemed to be making my ADHD symptoms worse.

After labs came back a few things were off, including Vitamin D being low, but the doctor said she didn't think anything needed treatment. I had been mostly home for most of the year due to a back injury/surgery.

I went back to work after getting the lab results back but re-injured my back a month later. For the next two months I stayed home, wasn't going out much at all and wasn't getting any sun. I hardly ever feel sad/down/gloomy/depressed/ in despair and if I do it goes away quickly. This time that feeling was hanging out for weeks.

After a few weeks I remembered my lab results and Vitamin D being low. I figured if it was low it must've been on the floor now because I basically hadn't gone out or gotten any sun for the last two months. I don't drink milk because I'm lactose intolerant. As soon as I made the connection I started taking Vitamin D3 I'd gotten at Costco in the past.

In a days time I could feel it helping me feel better! By day two I felt good and continued taking it daily. Over a week later I now feel "normal" but I'm sure levels are still not optimal.
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