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Exclamation A must read Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seems that this week we are all feeling the "depressive" effects on our worlds. In having some of these feelings myself I decided to do a little research. Perhaps what I read will help some who are also feeling "the weight of the world" on their shoulders.

Animals react to the changing seasons with changes in mood and behaviour and human beings are no exception. Most people find they eat and sleep slightly more in winter and dislike the dark mornings and short days. For some, however, symptoms are severe enough to disrupt their lives and to cause considerable distress. These people are suffering from SAD.

After reading this I had to find out what the symptoms are.

Symptom 1

Sleep problems - oversleeping but not refreshed, cannot get out of bed, needing a nap in the afternoon.

Symptom 2

Overeating - carbohydrate craving leading to weight gain

Symptom 3

Depression, despair, misery, guilt, anxiety - normal tasks become frustratingly difficult

Symptom 4

Family / social problems - avoiding company, irritability, loss of libido, loss of feeling

Symptom 5

Lethargy - too tired to cope, everything an effort

Symptom 6

Physical symptoms - often joint pain or stomach problems, lowered resistance to infection

Symptom 7

Behavioral problems - especially in young people

The symptoms tend to start from around September each year lasting until April, but are at their worst in the darkest months.

So in other words . Hang in there. The sun will shine and some of the feelings that you have right now will dissipate.
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