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Re: Oh sigh~

I am academically minded... and cute

But I still have trouble with school sometimes!!!

Originally Posted by michinyuja View Post
Can you turn a nerd into an adventurer?

A dweeb into a swashbuckling pirate?

sure, anything can happen.

But I have trouble understanding why the swashbuckling pirate would want to turn himself into a dweeb.

College is for people who want to pursue information gathering, analysis, debate, and discussion for the REST OF THEIR LIVES.

It is not for people who want to DO real things, not just write and talk about them.
It is not for people who are natural born salesmen.
It is not for people who are natural healers.
(because if you pursue the educational route of becoming a doctor, you won't get to heal anyone!)
It is not for people who love the outdoors.
It is not for people who love adventure and taking risks.
It is not for people who love having families and close friends.
It is not for good-looking people.

Academics is wasted on good-looking people.
We spend so much time indoors and by ourselves...


As a nerd, I resent that the colleges are making billions of dollars by convincing other people that they should be nerds too.

How would you like it if one day, you were on the field watching your favorite sport,
and a bunch of people poured into the game,
and wanted to play...
except they hated the game.
and found it boring.
but kept popping medication to finish the game,
and some who couldn't afford medication hunkered down in a corner
to drink from a bottle and take other drugs~
and stay for years?

Please, please.
Go do what makes you happy~
Be a superstar in your rightful field...
Stop being miserable in the academics pool~ go play in the cool pool!!

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