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Re: College and ADHD-How does everyone study?

I watch youtube videos on how other people study and organize their school supply. Also "Where there's a will there's an A" is an old program that really has EXCELENT information.

1. My friend uses these clear folders with clips in the middle for each class (no pocket) and a single subject notebook for each class and that's it.

A. Use word to copy and paste the part of your sylabus that includes class name (ie. History of Europe HIS 103), room number, teacher and contact number and the assignments. Make them all fit 1 page front only if possible. This is your first page (you can see it through the clear folder). Everything else you need goes in there in the order you get it. Notes and assignments obvs go in the notebook.

- I would also need to have pocket folders. I usually use a separate pocket folder (or sometimes clear plastic 'envelop' folder) for any papers or projects.

-I also have to have another pocket folder for random stuff I end up having (use one side for school stuff that's not class specific and one for personal crap I print out or whatever)

it's really hard for me to keep things simple and carry only what i need, but that does help me focus when i have less extranious stuff (which is never!) still working on it.

2. I make my own planner using MS word. I type the name of the day, class, the room and the teacher on each line, including a line for days with no class (I usually say "Thursday: Study Hall") and space it out so there is room to write assigments in the space. (make sure you leave yourself space at the bottom for that last class) and maybe Weekend at the bottom.

I copy (cut and paste) this 10 times to make ten pages and then I go through and write WEEK 1 WEEK 2, etc at the top (our quarters are 10 weeks) and then print them single sided along with some extra pages that say "NOTES" and usually put something inspirational (or my personal mission statement) in the footer.

You can also find nice 'organizer' pages online that are printable.

A lot of times I end up not using them, but at least I didn't spend money on them. I print them at school for free.

If you use a binder, get the kind that you can slip your sheet into the top and then you can see at a glance what you need.

3. What I might start doing is type out the ten weeks on the back of my sylabus page. That doesn't give you a week at a glance but it does keep your assignment info handy with what you need for class.
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