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Has anyone ever heard of Fragile X syndrome being included as an ASD? Where I work, I have heard several people say Fragile X is "on the spectrum", that people with Fragile X have autistic-like behaviors, but I don't really see it. But I've only known one person with Fragile X, so I don't know.

The guy I know is overly-sensitive to other people's feelings -- he has broken down in tears when someone pretends to cry, he fixates on negative events and will apologize repeatedly if he hurts someone or breaks something.

He does not speak much, but this seems to be due to a physical inability speak clearly. He uses a communication device to talk with people, and often won't stop talking. However, he does fixates on certain topics and repeats some words & phrases over and over again. Also, he's content to use the device by himself , repeating messages over & over, but not actually talking to anyone. I guess this would fit with ASD.

He has a lot of difficulty making eye contact.
He has trouble staying near people when talking to them --but does fine if he sits down during conversations -- this may be due to a physical-sensory problem ...I think the OT said he needs to move to monitor where his body is (propriception)

He has difficulties with sensory integration that also fits with ASD.

Hmm, I guess there are enough related symptoms to say Fragile X could be included as an ASD. What do you think?
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