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Re: obtainingcylert/pemoline in the usa

The only way legally to obtain Pemoline (the generic for Cylert; Cylert no longer is produced) in the U.S. is to have a physician sponsor you as an "Investigational New Drug" (IND) patient.

Unfortunately, you are very unlikely to be able to find a physician to do that. INDs are for research physicians, who are accustomed to dealing with lots of paperwork over their years of formal research.

You, however, would need a "treating physician" (i.e., a doctor who sees patients) to sponsor you. Here's what that physician would need to do:

1. Formally apply to the Food and Drug Administration for an IND.

2. Fill out tons of paperwork required by that application.

3. Purchase the Pemoline directly from the one U.S. company that is allowed to sell it. The company can't sell it directly to patients or to consumer pharmacies; they can sell it only to a physician who has been approved for the IND.

4. The physician then must sell the Pemoline to you, at the same price the physician paid for it.

It truly is far more than just some paperwork. (I found that out when I asked my personal physician to "sponsor" me.)

I know you were hoping for a more encouraging answer. Over the past few years I have become something of an "expert" on Pemoline (I relied upon it to counteract something called Excessive Daytime Sleepiness). Although I would be thrilled to discover some hitherto unknown way of obtaining Pemoline in the U.S., my own research has included speaking with every company in the world that ever manufactured Pemoline powder and also exchanges of information with sympathetic FDA sources.

I'm sorry I couldn't offer you a more encouraging response.
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