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Re: Any M:TG players? Come share your decks!

Originally Posted by psychopathetic View Post
That'd be awesome, I'd love to know what he's packing .

Also, it's just like anything really. Everyone's got their own interests. lol for some this game is tediously mind numbingly boring...for others, it provides an almost infinite amount of excitement and thrills .

I find almost all sports to be incredibly dull and boring...and yet for many others, it's a big part of their lives.

We all tick in our own ways.

...But seriously.
You should get into magic. I mean...what is wrong with you!!

Ha! I don't think that's happening any time soon. This is where we are opposites, I love my sports! I live where the Jets of the NHL fly, and my favorite NFL team the New England Patriots just won the super bowl! The Super Bowl also came down to a goal line interception with 20 seconds left from a yard away, so, one of the craziest most exciting things I have ever watched :P

and oh my god, funniest thing ever, i have to post it, i know i should message it but i cant resist lol skip to 7:15 of this video there was this unbelievable catch to set teh seahawks up for that touchdown to win it, the reaction says it all. LOL

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